Why “The Girl In the Orange”?

For those of you who know me, and even for those that don’t, I felt like an explanation (or at least a little background) of my blog title was in order.  (And for the record, before I started this blog I had no idea that The Girl In the Orange Dress was a book, or that The Girl In the Orange Sweater was a song.)

So, why did I call it “The Girl In the Orange”?

1.  I like to stand out.  And I’m not shy about the fact that I like to stand out…because I like to stand out.  And shyness would be counterproductive to that goal.  You don’t see a lot of people who are confident enough to wear orange, unless they’re really diehard Broncos or Giants fans.  It is a sad fact of life that orange tends to be unflattering on most all skin tones.  Including mine.  But I don’t mind.  I love the fact that wearing orange allows to me distinguish myself from the crowd in some way–after all, no one ever says, “Wow–look at the girl in the beige!”  Or if they do, I don’t hear it very often.

2.  I simply like orange.  My obsession with all things citrusy began about four months before moving, and now I even have a bird named Citrus.  The walls of my bedroom are painted bright orange.  I enjoy dark chocolate oranges (those ones wrapped up all shiny-like in gold foil).  I eat a peach, an orange, or an apricot almost every single day; I squirt lemon on everything.  Orange (both the color and the flavor) is so bold and exciting, refreshing and fun.  I like to think it’s a little bit like me.

3.  As I mentioned on my “About” page, I started this blog because I was “having an identity crisis”.  If I started this blog under my real name, or any of the nicknames I go by (‘that crazy wordy bird nerd’ is one of my favorites 😉 ), I felt like I would be pressured to conform to something.  Everyone who knows me already has an idea of who I am, what makes me tick, what I enjoy doing–or at least they think they do.  By becoming simply “The Girl In The Orange” on my blog, I allow those restrictions of who I “should” be to fall away, and just be me.  What you see is what you get on this blog–100% pure undiluted Girl in the Orange.  Heck, you could even call it “concentrated orange juice“. 😉

Oh, yes, I realize that pun was a sad, sad thing…

Twilight cover remake, anyone?

Those are my little brother’s hands.  He was uncharacteristically compliant for this photo op.

Toodle-oo for now from The Girl In the Orange.  And happy August to all!  Fall is nearly upon us…

What say you?

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