50,000 Word (!!!) Party + 2 Fails (but one is tastier than the other)

I have been fantasizing about my “50,000 word party” ever since I wrote fifty thousand words, and I finally had it today.  Technically, it probably should have been my 60,000 word party, because in the time that it took me to fully plan out my party I have quietly slipped ahead in my word count to almost 63,000 words, but, hey, who’s counting?  (I am.  Word counts are exciting for me.)

Why was 50,000 words such a huge milestone for me?  Well, for one thing, the longest story I’d written that wasn’t this story was 14,347 words, which I thought was very very long.  I had never penned anything this massive before, and people tend to celebrate things in multiples of fives and tens.  (Have you ever heard of someone celebrating the day they reached 93 of anything?  I rest my case.)  50,000 words happens to be a multiple of both of those numbers.  So, bam, fifty thousand word party.

For another thing–In the NaNoWriMo contest you have an “official” novel when you’ve reached 50,000 words.  My novel’s really not nearly close to being finished, but suddenly, it was fifty thousand words long, and therefore official.  This was a cause for celebration if there ever was one.

I’d been eyeing (autocorrect wants me to spell that “eying”…I don’t think that’s right, though) this vegan Chococado Pudding on Oh She Glows for quite some time, and we finally had all of the stuff to make it.  So I pulled out my faithful Magic Bullet food processor (not an endorsement, I’m just obsessed with it), and whirred away until I got this…

It’s disgusting-looking in its own special way, but to think it had come from this…

Which, even I, the drinker of green smoothies and eater of overnight oats, have to admit looks…blecky.

But this pudding was not blecky.  This was quite possibly the most delicious pudding I have ever tasted.  I can’t think of any words for it that aren’t overused–chocolatey, velvety, fudgy, decadent, and rich come to mind– so I’ll just say it was so good.

I licked the bowl.

And the food processor.  Other people do that too, right?

The main purpose of this little “party” was just to feel awesome about myself.  That sounds really narcissistic, but being the perfectionist that I am, I tend to expect a whole lot from myself and feel really crummy when it doesn’t work out.  But, I wanted to slowly savor totally inhale this delicious dessert and really appreciate the fact that I wrote a whole 50,000 words and deserved it while I did so after the fact.

I was in happy blissland.

But you knew it couldn’t last, right?

After I ate the pudding, I decided I would buck up and go for a twenty minute run (still trying to get in shape for cross-country).  I know, it was a bad plan.  I did give myself twenty minutes to digest, but at about the fifteen minute mark I was really wishing I had given myself a little longer.  😡  Let’s just say that the decadent chocolate fudgy velvety richness didn’t feel very good jostling around in my stomach for twenty minutes, and I was very ready for the run to be over when it was.  Ugh, I don’t want to look at chocolate again for approximately three years.  (I had chocolate oats for breakfast this morning too.)  Or avocadoes, for that matter.  Or almonds.  Or any sort of nut.  This is a problem, because I still have a full tub minus a tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Pecan Butter in the fridge.


At any rate, I think I’ll have a salad for lunch.  And dinner.  And breakfast the next morning. 😉

On the positive side of things, twenty minutes is the longest outdoor run I’ve ever done (I know, I know) and I feel great!  If slightly nauseated…here’s my disclaimer on the pudding:

1.  Do not attempt to photograph the pudding.  It’s really stinking ugly.  It’s a bunch of slimy brown goo.  But it’s delicious.  (I apologize for my attempts.)

2.  DO NOT eat the pudding right before a workout.

3.  Be sure to restrain yourself to one serving of the pudding.  You will think you want more when you’re eating it, but you actually don’t.  Trust me on this.

But by all means, MAKE THIS PUDDING and savor!!!  😀

So, that was my first fail.

My second fail was this:

‘Nuff said.

These are the “Fruit Calzones” from the current issue of Vegetarian Times magazine.

They didn’t seal well, if you couldn’t tell.

I wouldn’t have minded so much if they were delicious, but they were bland, which was very very sad.  Because I hate food waste, I choked them down for desserts, basted with a little bit of organic melted butter.  They weren’t really bad, just not good.  In fact, they were a bit nostalgic–they reminded me of the Bagelfuls I used to eat when I was a wee young sprite, minus the azodicarbonamide and Red Dye #40.

Have a productive day, writing, running, or doing whatever you do! 🙂  I’m off to eat some salad… 😉


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