The Joy of Pretending

Let’s put our blinders on and pretend I’m not the sixteen millionth person to take a picture of an artichoke in bloom, mmkay?

They’re just so cool-looking.  Who knew that inside this unappealing yet delicious thistle lived a crown of violet?
I didn’t even notice I had managed to get a butterfly in there until I uploaded it to this post. 🙂  I also enjoy this one, with the cute fuzzy bumblebee…heading straight for me…gah…

And this one, just because it looks so cool.


Or what about zucchini blossoms, cradling morning dew like a teacup…

Have people taken pictures of those before?

One thing my camera can’t capture is the feeling of being in the garden on a warm, sunny summer evening.  The crickets chirping all around, the rustle of weeds as some rodent that shouldn’t be in there–but is adorable anyway–darts away, the sense of contentment, peace, the omnipresent feeling that everything is right.  The just-beginning-to-ebb-away dusky light casting shadows on your very own slow-grown, no-charge, right-at-your-fingertips supermarket.  Even though it’s best experienced alone, you just want to hug somebody.


What say you?

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