So, something I’ve been seeing around the food blog world is a little segment called “What I Ate Wednesday” (WIAW).  To participate, you write a full post, with pictures about every single stankin’ thang you ate a particular day of the week, and post it on Wednesday.  In doing so, you get to share your food creations (and epic fails…) with the food blog world and also practice your food photography skills.  While The Girl in the Orange isn’t exclusively a food blog, a lot of what I post connects to food in some way or another, so I figured WIAW would be worth a shot–though, as you know, I already have a segment to fill my Wednesdays.  So, instead of WIAW, these post segments will be referred to as ESST– in honor of every single stankin’ thang (I ate).  This is fun for me to do, and also informative for those of you who are thinking “Well, what the heck does a vegetarian eat?”

My breakfast (this was Thursday’s eats) was an attempt at creating a “breakfast blackberry cobbler”.  I blended together a cup of milk, one frozen banana, two handfuls of blackberries, 1.5 ounces of extra firm tofu, and dumped it into a bowl with Nature’s Path granola for the “crumb topping”.

I need to work on the recipe.  Tasty, but not official-recipe-worthy.

am pretty in love with the picture though.

I had this with some green tea…

And I know you guys love me for the beautiful picture. 😉

Later on, I nibbled on a delish spoonful of MaraNatha no-stir almond butter…

x2.  Yuuum.

The problem with almond butter pictures is that if you’ve had almond butter, when you look at a picture, you see it for what it really is: chunky sticky rich chewy deliciousness.  If not, it looks like a big spoonful of you-know-what.  😉

After that, it was out for a half-hour run!

PPRS (post post-run shower), I had a glass of milk.

Exciting, I know.
Also x2.

For lunch, I whipped up savory steel-cut oats with 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast (not nearly as foreboding as it sounds) and broccoli.

Not the most vibrant thing I’ve ever made.

On the side, I sauteed a whole farmer’s-market pattypan squash and topped it with some leftover Newman’s Own Mushroom Marinara.

Later, a golden plum from our fruit tree!

x2 x3.

90 crunches and 40 bicycle crunches ensued, since I’m still trying to develop my core for stronger running.

I had made pasta shells stuffed with marinara, steamed spinach, tofu, and herbs over the weekend, so I nuked five of ’em for dinner.

But sadly, they didn’t fill up the plate, so there was too much white space for the picture to be really aesthetically pleasing.  It didn’t help that our table is completely covered with crap miscellany either.  I promised you a picture, though (sigh).

I usually have a little snack before I go to bed, but this (along with some leftover filling–so I guess it wasn’t technically every single stankin’ thang I ate) held me over pretty well.  So I fear I am ending on the note of that horrible picture…(shudder).  I’m sorry, I truly am.


What say you?

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