The Killing of the Beast: Part 2 (…it’s dead)


Let me ask you guys, can you spot the difference?

‘Cuz I sure can.  (Hint: it’s not my outfit!)

Now, you tell me what’s freakier: the fact that I can now hold my hair in one hand a good two feet away from my body…

…or the fact that it looks ominously like a giant fuzzy tarantula from this angle.

The Beast…is coming to ge-e-et you…

12 inches lopped off and in the mail.  A very cold neck.  A smiling girl.  It’s been a tumultuous day and I’m exhausted, so I’ll go more in depth tomorrow.  The main point of this post is: I did it!!  I really am so glad I went through with it.  I danced a little happy jig after “getting it gone”, and was singing Sexy and I Know It practically the entire drive home–so, that should tell you something about my endorphin levels right now. 😉  The Beast looks so much better now that it’s dead..!


One thought on “The Killing of the Beast: Part 2 (…it’s dead)

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