Food-Blog Free First Five (Whew!)

You guys have probably figured out by now that I love food blogs.  My friends…don’t get it.  I can’t explain it, either–it’s just like these bloggers are my own healthy-or-sometimes-not-food-obsessed friends that I can stay in touch with at all times.  By reading their blogs I am imagining their voices, their laughter, and hearing their motivational musings inside my head adds a good deal of positivity to my outlook.  Some of my favorite food blogs are Sprint 2 The Table, Oh She Glows, Peanut Butter Fingers, Chef Katelyn, Smitten Kitchen, The Kitchn, No Meat Athlete, Eating Bird Food, and On a Pink Typewriter.  These are all on my Google Reader, which I faithfully stalk every morning, no lie.  (I also have some writing-related blogs and blogs of friends in the mix as well.)

I have a problem.

I love that these food/fitness blogs uplift and inspire me, and provide me with the motivation to get some great things done in my life (I’m up to running 40 minutes now and am doing yoga DVDS in my room with my laptop! ;)), but what I don’t love is that I can find some excuse to check them all.  the. live. long. day.  It’s my boredom cure and my therapy, and while I do like to show support for other bloggers (maybe somewhat in the hopes that this blog will get bigger someday ;)), it’s not too productive for me.  Lately I have been super-duper healthy and diligent with my running and am loving it!  I owe most of it to the inspiring words of these food/fitness bloggers, and the recipes of delicious rewards they post. 😉  But life is about balance.  And I have realized over this past week that my life is getting slightly skewed to the fitness and foodie side of things, and I have been *gasp* neglecting my novel.

Don’t get me wrong, I got a lot of writing done over the summer, and am pretty dang proud of it.  What I’m not proud of?  The amount of time I spent reading food blogs over and over again just to have a friendly voice in my head rather than actually doing something productive.  I love you all, food bloggers, but it’s not good for me to read your posts over and over and over when I want to have a life as well. ❤

When I sat down this weekend to do some character sketches and kept getting distracted by all my RSS feeds, I realized I needed an intervention of sorts.  Sadly, once I sit down and hash everything out, it always hits me with full force that, while I do have almost 80,000 words, I have so much left to do and it’s not going to get done by itself.  I figure I’m maybe one-half to two-thirds done…which is disheartening.  I’m pretty sure my final drafts won’t be nearly 160,000 words, but my biggest problem in writing, especially rough drafts, is pacing; usually my sentences end up like this because for some reason, instead of moving the story forward with each word, I have the inexplicable urge to add absurd, copious amounts of detail to everything.  Therefore my writing is slow work.  I would appreciate some tips on quickening the pace from any writers out there!!

Working on some of the dreaded character sketches with my FOUNTAIN PEN. But that love affair is a story for another post.

Eating delicious food is important to me, but I also have other priorities, completing my novel someday being one of them.  And the unfortunate truth is that in order to do this I have to close out of the internet and actually write it.  Harsh, I know.  But I think I’m up for it.

This week is the first week of school, so hopefully I’ll have a bajillion other things to keep me from the clutches of the time vortex that is the internet, and I also want to bulk up my word count a bit over these next five days (Monday-Friday).  I’m posting about this personal commitment on here because it will hold me accountable like nothing else can!  I’m going to focus on the positive of this and think about just how much awesome stuff I’m going to be writing this week!  (And think of all the blog posts I’ll get to catch up on come Saturday! ;))

I’ll still be blogging here, but I won’t be reading anything else on the internet.  So, adios for now from The Girl in the Orange as she…gasp…unplugs.


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