Where have I disappeared to…NOW??!!

It’s this queer place, people.

You might have heard of it before.

It’s fun between classes and occasionally entertaining during the classes themselves.  Everyone lives for lunch period.  Us teens laugh and goof off and some of the time we actually pay attention.  Shocking, I know.  You better believe it, though.

‘Cuz if we didn’t pay attention, we would be so much more lost hysteric tearful utterly baffled confused when we got around to fending off this (and the amount seems to increase exponentially).

It’s called private school.

Earlier this week (Tuesday–how does it seem as far away as it does?), I bemoaned the loss of the season in my journal:

“Yesterday was the last example of an ‘average summer day’ I’ll get this year.  I got up, complained about how it was too hot to run, blogged, wrote, cooked, ate, and just generally wasted a lot of time.

And I realized that, as much as I live for September and all that it brings, I’m going to miss this kind of leisure so much.”

I was so right.  I’m kicking my summer self now.  Why didn’t I get more done when I didn’t have five hours of homework a night?  Why didn’t I spend more time enjoying what I had while I had it?

Us humans and our cliche psychological tendencies.  But I suppose I’m just wasting time pondering all the coulda-shoulda-wouldas of summer, because everyone has them. Everyone is pretty puzzled by them and how they manage to appear every school year, even when the second school got out we sat down and MADE A LIST of things we wanted to get done with our time drain of a vacation:

Anyway, I am pleased to report that after writing that in my journal, I did stop and slow down (after my run, of course) and just let myself enjoy it.  The peace, the lack of a ever-running-annoying-pop playlist in my head, the increase in the amount of time spent with a bird on my shoulder.  That last day of summer went down smooth and easy and I felt refreshed and PSYCHED to hit the halls the next day.

Fall brings lots of nice things.  Among them beautiful orange leaves blanketing the bike ride to school:

and orange oatmeal.  PUMPKIN, people!  Yeah, it came from a can…but I can now justify eating orange goop for breakfast every single morning, ‘cuz it’s Fall now.  It is Fall and the world is orange.  I’m in a pretty good mood lately.

But all these wonderful tangerine tinges are not without their downside, and it is with a heavy heart that I must give you all the heads-up; I’m not going to be posting as often as I did in summer.  My blogging will probably pick up as I figure out once again how to budget all my time (private school does not believe in easing you slowly into the homework load, no sir-ee), but I’m going to shoot for a Deep Thought of the Week and one other post consisting of my usual food/photography/writing and poetry shtuff.  Wordless Wednesday is just not as feasible right now as it once was (it’s not very practical to take my camera everywhere…), but I still love that segment and will probably pick it back up at some point.  Posts will most likely occur on the weekend.

I am not giving up on The Girl in the Orange after one month.  I love her too much.  She’s good for me–she’s sassy, she’s smart, she makes me happy, she’s confident in her weird hobbies that aren’t too “cool”, per se.  But I’m going to work on being her in real life now, not so much behind a laptop screen.


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