A Rather Short Deep Thought of the Week

So, I mentioned to all you guys that last week, I was sick.  Pretty dang sick.  And (for me anyway), it’s pretty much impossible to be sick without thinking about exactly what’s going on inside your body and asking: what the heck does the virus gain from this?

The annoying answer is: nothing.  The virus, 90% of the time  (I’m just spitballing with the number here–don’t quote me on this), gets incinerated by your immune system.  It cannot infect any more people after this…but it has reproduced.

I know this is a question I’ll most likely grapple with my entire life, encompassing all sorts of big topics like religion and overpopulation and hormones and love but I can’t help but wonder:  Why are we all so biologically driven to reproduce?

Is this all driving toward something?  Do we need to be here at the end of a few centuries to witness Judgement Day or something else?  What would the negative consequences be if every living thing died out?  There would just be…no life, right?  Nothing really too sad about that, since you can’t really bemoan it if you’re not around to witness it.  It confuses the heck out of me, especially when I think about how vastly overpopulated our planet is and how there are so many abandoned kids in orphanages with beautiful souls and wonderful personalities, but my hormones tell me that I’d like to have a baby someday…

(Disclaimer to parents reading this: that last sentence referred to a time twenty or so years down the road.  No need to rush things…just that it’d be nice someday, when I’m old and wizened wise.)

Science class tells me that all living things have one ultimate goal in life: to reproduce.  That kind of makes me feel sad and worthless.  Perhaps as a human species, we can say that we’re “beyond that” (goodness knows I have other priorities), but are we sure?  What if there really is no “beyond that”?

Certainly as individuals we can have other goals in life, but I really hate to think that the only thing we truly are is vessels for the next generation.  This is one of my many reasons that my beliefs tilt away from trusting “science” 100% of the time.


Excuse me if I’m not making any sense.  As usual, I’m totally slammed with homework and I’m exhausted!!  You probably don’t care; but that’s my little excuse for the possibly-slightly-loopy content of this post. 😀

At any rate, I apologize to the people who my virus did manage to infect.  I really shouldn’t have gone to camp.  I’m sorry.

What say you?

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