My Latest Thang

(First off, a disclaimer:  The food photos you are about to view in this post are stunningly atrocious.  They were all shot by yours truly during the morning rush hour before school, usually with an impatiently grumbling tummy on one end of the camera and a more loudly grumbling mother griping at her daughter for playing with her food before getting ready for school.  These photos are intended as get-the-point-across photos, rather than, wow, look at that photo! photos.  I’m sorry.  I really need to do better.  I say food photography is one of my passionate hobbies and yet I provide you guys with crap like this.  I’ll work on it.)

With that out of the way, allow me to introduce you to my newest thang…

Steel-cut Thermos oatmeal.

(Can you believe I didn’t know Thermos was a brand name until a few days ago??  They’re actually called “insulated stainless steel containers”…

And let it be said, for legal purposes, that I am in no way paid by any Thermos folks to write this post, or even “insulated stainless steel container” folks.)

I can’t take credit for this idea–just do a quick web search for “steel cut oats in a thermos”, and you’ll find a million people wiser than me who have been doing this for ages.  I have no idea how I didn’t get the memo before hand, but trust me, this is magic, peeps.  It’s even quicker than the “student” steel-cut oats I mentioned a few posts back.  I don’t even need to dirty a dish.  What I do is measure 1/4 of a cup of dry steel cut oats into a thermos, add miscellaneous spices and seasonings, then heat one cup of water in the microwave (IN THE MEASURING CUP!!  How’s that for one-pot wonder?!) for three minutes.  When it’s done, I just pour the water into the “insulated stainless steel container”, screw the lid on tight, and set it at my place.  In the morning I have a still-warm breakfast of fully cooked, wonderfully stick-to-your-ribs steel-cut oatmeal.


I’m sorry, I tend to get a wee bit excited about things as important as oatmeal.  🙂  But seriously–this slashes steel-cut oat cooking time by about, oh, 27 minutes.  And it tastes so…perfect!  On the stove, with my short attention span, my oats most often get mushy or not cooked enough.  The texture of this method is just perfect for me.

One night, I got a little frisky and threw a cinnamon stick up in there.

Yes, we have minnie mouse place mats.  How lame, right?  Minnie isn’t half as cool as the mouse himself, Mickey.

The cinnamon stick magically unrolled itself during the night (capillary action for ya!) and seasoned the oats just. perfectly.  I died.

Served warm with the first pear of the season sliced on top…

A few days later, the stick is back in its original form again!  Baha.  Does anyone know if you can reuse these babies?  They’re awfully expensive…

On another happy morning, I shook some salt and pepper and dried garlic into the oats before adding the water.  In the morning, I stirred in some spinach to wilt and topped the whole shebang with a fried egg.

Delish.  Huzzah for runny yolks!

My love life is not good because I eat things like garlic oatmeal before coming to school.  🙂  But at this point, garlicky oatmeal makes me happier than any boy could.

What say you?

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