I know I said I was liking Fall, but…

…let’s just you and me pretend it’s still summer.

Let’s blend pineapple, banana, and carrots into something that looks like tropical sunshine with a bendy straw.  Let’s totally make those annoying “my-drink-was-gone-long-long-ago” sounds when our straw starts pulling on air instead of smoothie goodness.

See? We can do it.

Let’s put melon and fresh mint on top of our overnight oats and stage it with a garden tomato in the background.  October’s coming soon, you say?  I’m sorry; never heard of it.

(Normally, I’m all about the fresh, seasonal eating, but because of a party last weekend our refrigerator was suddenly full of a giant tray of assorted tropical fruit, and there was no way I was letting it go to waste.  The melon and pineapple was a rare treat, but one much appreciated and cherished!  Try cantaloupe and mint together if you haven’t, people.  Seriously.)

What say you?

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