September 2012 Recap

I apologize for the unexpected belatedness of this recap; rest assured, I do have my reasons!  (I know it was keeping you up at night, worrying about whether I was all right, since my recap was late, am I right?)  My first, less serious excuse reason is the fact that on Friday night my laptop inexplicably DIED and would not come back to life…thankfully the magic men at the computer shop were able to fix ‘er up though.  (All my writings and pictures are on my laptop.  Of course, I have my novel backed up elsewhere, but all my other random scrivenings?  Not so.)  Moral of the story: back up all your important shtuffs right now!  You never know when it could happen to you.

My other, more serious reason?  More on that tomorrow.  Hopefully.

Let me just say that September certainly flew by MUCH faster than August.  I kept a videolog for myself in August and pretty much every day I complained of the “long, drawling summer days”.  Now that they are over, I wish I’d appreciated the leisure a bit more.  No one in their right mind would classify my days now as drawling.

Also, despite my ominous predictions, it most certainly did not rain much this month!  This is good for my running and my endorphin levels but bad for the random fields and forests that are spontaneously combusting all over the Northwest.  My heart goes out to those people whose homes have been engulfed in the devastating fires in Eastern Washington.

Over the course of September, I hit 80,000 words, baked and frosted cupcakes for an entire grade at my school, ran 35 minutes without walking, improved my mile time by 30 seconds, went to a camp that I really was too sick to go to (but had some fun anyway), made sweet potato pie for the first time (Mother Dearest’s birthday), sent one bird to heaven, actually managed to find time to blog, apologized profusely for awful morning photography, cooked, ate, stressed, laughed, slept.  Now that school’s up and running I think sleep is one of my favorite hobbies.  Maybe I should give it its own tab up at the top of this blog.

One month of The Girl in the Orange in terms of…


What’s with me and waaay zoomed in chocolate photos, I ask you?  Maybe I just wanna face plant into the bowl.

Breakfast, all of it.  I think I’m kind of OCD about breakfast.  I freaking love it to death.  Breakfast is the one meal where you can technically consume chocolate and “dessert oatmeal” like carrot cake, sweet potato pie, or Creamsicle flavors, and still be considered within the bounds of sanity.  You are also not obligated to consume any vegetable matter (though I do quite often).  Other people daydream about finding a million dollars or getting asked to the school dance without dropping a million “subtle” hints…I daydream about what I’m going to make for breakfast.  Lest you think I have no life, let me assure you that sometimes I daydream about different things as well!  Like how I’m going to set up said breakfast for the perfect photo. #nerdalert

My ghost bird.

I discovered earlier this month that I absolutely cannot get an in-focus photo of my bird, regardless of shutter speed.  He’s just  incredibly busy a spaz.  A spaz I love with all my heart and then some.


Um, well, hehe, funny stories here.  I have actually burned more foodstuffs in the last month than in pretty much my entire culinary life.  One especially infamous one was when I was baking bread.  I had preheated the oven and was coming back to check on it only to discover thick, black smoke piping out of it like train chimney.  Turns out, I had left a roasting pan in the oven that was caked with the syrupy drippings of figs I had dried in the oven a few days earlier.  I was crying and burning my hands and I almost ruined the roasting pan, not to mention my birds’ air sacs.  Luckily the error was caught just in time.

Additionally, one time while making Savory Rhubarb Lentil Curry from Scissors and Spice, (highly recommended) I THOUGHT I had turned the burner off once my lentils were done cooking…when in fact I, well, hadn’t.  Let me assure you, people, burning lentils is something you do NOT want to smell, much less eat.  I did though; I couldn’t bring myself to throw away that much food.  With the help of a certain Google, I discovered that stirring in a few spoonfuls of peanut butter will get the burnt taste out of dishes.  I tried this and it worked, to some extent…my curry just tasted like peanut butter.  Not that I’m complaining.  It did look quite…interesting…though.

Happily, though, this month I got on the stick and actually fiddled around with some recipes for the blog!  If you’re new to the wonderful world of The Girl in the Orange (a happy place to be, I assure you, even if  my background of the most awesome color in the world tends to clash with most everything on here), check them out here and here.  Yes, they are both breakfast recipes.  They also both happen to incorporate oatmeal…my calling.  It sounds creepy when I say it like that; but, yes, oatmeal is kinda “my thing” and I could eat it all day. Can I get another #nerdalert?

And, one last thing that it would be criminal not to mention: have any of you guys ever tried a peanut butter and carrot sandwich?  I’ve been chowing down on the deliciousness more and more frequently this month and am loving them to death.  Baby carrots work best, and they’re awesome grated very fine.  This is the fourth strange-but-mind-blowing sandwich recipe that I am positively in love with!!  So far, I have tried it on molasses brown bread, pita, and regular ol’ whole wheat (all homemade).  Dare I suggest…you eat it between two pancakes?

Yes, I do.  I dare.  Eat it on pancakes.  Savor.  Realize just how much you love life.

The peanut butter and carrot sandwich is certainly delicious, but for me, it represents something important too.  For a while last year, food was…well, to put it bluntly, not fun for me.  I obsessed about what I ate, when I ate, how I ate it, planning out weeks’ worth of menus in advance and making sure I only ate what I deemed “healthy”.  If I for some reason deviated from my menu plan, I would have a major panic attack, crying and doing everything I possibly could to try to maintain my rigid order.  I think this was my way of coping with stress–food was something I could definitely control, my one constant in life.  But, now I’ve wised up and realized how awesome food can be.  Peanut-butter-carrot-pancake sandwiches are such random, spontaneous meal choices–and it delights me.  It delights me that I now have the ability to just decide ‘screw planning, I’ma make me a PB and C’…and enjoy it!

…things that made me smile:

1: Eating a plum way-back-when on September 1st (don’t even try to tell me that’s not way-back-when; it’s before school started!  Therefore, it is obviously eons away.), I was amused by the little raccoon (I think) footprint impressed into it!

Don’t even try to tell me that that’s not just the darling-est thing you’ve ever seen.

2: People being so, so kind and tolerant of me when I went on a school-wide camping trip while puking my guts out.  A nurse practitioner stayed with me in my cabin, swiped me herbal tea, made me all better.  I was a horrible, mucus-filled burden and I’m sorry; but everyone was just so nice to me.  (: ❤

3: Having been isolated from my this-side-of-the-US friends for three months, I cannot conclude a September Recap with just thanking them for how they remained their glorious selves.  They’re willing to commiserate the massive homework load with me, compliment me on my pixie cut (which I still am rocking and totally in love with), make me smile at all the right moments, support me, love me.  You wouldn’t believe my reaction at a school potluck earlier this month when two of my friends told me they read my blog!  If I do remember correctly, I hugged them.  It means so much to me that people are actually willing to take time out of their spilling-over-with-stress lives to read the musings of a certain Girl in the Orange.  I would like to extend this thank you to my subscribers (I was going to say ‘my followers’, but that sounds creepy) as well!  At present, there is only twenty three of you, but twenty three is a lot.  Blogging makes me happy and it makes me happy when my blog makes other people happy. 🙂

What say you?

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