Savory October Challenge!

Not to brag, but I like to think that one of my best qualities is that I love a good challenge.  I enjoy challenging myself by pushing myself to delve deeper into my passions or try out something I never would have thought of before, and I suppose I enjoy it when my schoolwork is challenging as well.  I especially enjoy competitive challenges!  There is no feeling more rewarding than crushing somebody like a bug on a grape.  Yes, I really like winning and strive for it always–this is a good trait sometimes and an awful trait other times.  It’s good because it means that I do challenge myself and work hard in life, but it’s bad because I know I tend to beat myself up when there’s something I’m notoriously awful at and can’t win.  Like running.

And since my food photography is becoming increasingly half-hearted, I decided October was the perfect month to spice things up for myself (spice things up!  Haha!  It’s Fall…do you get it?) and take savory food photography for a spin.  I’ve mentioned several times before that I’m always most satisfied with the pictures I take of oatmeal, pancakes, dessert, things of that nature.  I don’t think my savory photog skills will ever rival my “mad” 😉 sweet-shooting skills…but I’m gonna try.  Hence, during the course of October I’ll work on taking a picture as many pictures of my dinner each night as I can squeeze in before Mother Dearest yells at me to stop playing with my food, then posting the best results up here on da blog at the end of the month.

Hopefully I can improve from this…



What say you?

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