ESST #2: Reset Weekend

(See here for my first ESST if you have no idea what it is I’m talking about.)

Last week was heinously stressful for me.  I’m sure I mentioned this.  Not only was the week itself heinously stressful, but the awful events preceding said week kind of snatched my weekend away from me, and so I lived in a husk of stress and confusion for a full seven days.  My grades suffered, the social life I pretend I have went kaput, and I ate too many awful things for my taste.  See, when I get really stressed, for some reason I convince myself that the only thing that can ease my frazzled nerves is to eat chocolate.  Specifically rich, dark, Belgian, organic fair-trade 72% chocolate.  This is all very well and good.  Only it kills my appetite.  There is nothing more stressful to me than not being hungry!  How on earth will I have room for my next meal of deliciousness?!

My thought processes go all out of whack, skewed by adrenaline and chocolatey theobromine, and I convince myself that I will feel better, even back to normal, if I eat A Dinner Of Utter Healthiness.  I also convince myself that there is no time to be wasted by actually cooking something, pssh.   So I end up with these atrocious, random combinations that make me want to puke but that I eat anyway.  (Hint: boiled overripe squash, raw tofu, and ketchup isn’t something you want to try out.  Ever.)  I eat it anyway because I cook for myself, and if I cook something appalling then, well, by golly, I just have to suck up and eat it!  After doing such things as this I convince myself that my taste buds will be cleansed from the awful scourge of my last meal if I eat more chocolate… and, well, it just goes downhill from there.

I just really, really, REALLY needed a break from last week.

I dubbed this weekend my “Reset Weekend”.  For me, it was all about getting my healthy eating back on track (during the school week I’ve been increasingly relying on prepackaged, sugary carbs rather than, say, veggies, because they’re more readily available) while still not eating nasties.  I also needed to show myself some LOVE; when I’m stressed I tend to be really hard on myself.  (I’m no worse of a person just because I cooked something awful!)  And today, it worked!  I’m smiling again.  Order has been restored in the world of The Girl in the Orange.

I kick-started the day with a ‘Chunky Monkey’ green smoothie, consisting of a banana, 2T of natural peanut butter, milk, a couple good handfuls of spinach, and a serving of extra-firm tofu.  (It was ‘Chunky Monkey’ because the similar ice cream flavor also involves pb and nanas, a match made in heaven.  If only I’d thought to add chocolate!..)

Meh…this picture just oozes bleariness.  I am sorry.  I think I was half asleep even as I was throwing everything into a blender.

I just realized that in both of my ESST’s I’ve started breakfast with a smoothie made with tofu–don’t worry, most vegetarian’s don’t do this.  There is no need to eat tofu on a vegetarian diet if you are repulsed by it, and certainly not at breakfast!  I actually enjoy tofu, but the only times I think I’ve actually HAD a tofu smoothie are the days I’ve done ESST’s…strange.

The smoothie was chased down by a mug of peppermint tea…

…which looks normal from this angle…

…but TOTALLY AWESOME when your camera decides to focus on the overhead lights shining into it!!

Snack (before hitting up the thrift store for Halloween material) was two lovely, humble pears.

Plus a glass of milk–not pictured.  Milk is a boring subject.

Lunch was an improvised salad bowl containing romaine lettuce, quinoa, and homemade (though not by me) garden-fresh salsa!  I probably ate about three of these bowls…random combo, muy delicioso.

This held me over until about 2:30, at which point I ate a homely humble cornbread muffin.  This certainly helped to put me in the Fall mood–cornbread is magic like that, wonderfully rustic.

I was planning to save this muffin to eat with the soup I would be making later today, but…oh, well.

And then dinner was an improvised soup (one of the many reasons soup is my favorite food–you can dump whatever you want in it and it’s always great!) cooked with our surplus of garden pattypan squash.

Um, it’s better than this photo makes it look..?  Seriously, this was very nummy in my tummy.  I haven’t had homemade soup in so long!  Perhaps the photo would be better without the big glob of gooey parmesan in the middle of the soup…but, come on, who’s going to pass that up, right? 😉


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