Trick…or treat?

Here is your dark and spooky story for the night…

It is Halloween and the sun has set, but this girl didn’t go trick-or-treating.

This is because her bag of candy from last year is still full and sitting in her sock drawer.  (She got really into healthy food  at the beginning of last November because she is good at timing like that.)

Instead, she stayed home…

…and baked…


Scary, right? 😉

Really, I wasn’t bummed at all about not going trick-or-treating.  My idea of a perfect Halloween night would be to just bake and cook and blog all night, then curl up with a brownie and a good book at the end.  (Unfortunately, due to homework and paranoia about my upcoming 5k, this was not accomplished either.  But the sentiment was there.)

My school’s Dia de los Muertos celebration is coming up, and we’re required to bring FOOD!

I really wanted to bring brownies, but they have nothing to do with the Hispanic culture as per the assignment, sadly. 😦


…you put beans in them!!

The brownie recipe that I tried tonight wasn’t entirely healthy, per se–it still included sugar and oil and all manner of delicious brownie goodness.  But a good deal of the sugar is replaced with agave and stevia, and the traditional refined white flour was replaced with BLACK BEANS AND OATS.  This will make them higher in protein and nutrients, too, two things that can’t hurt with my big race coming up on Saturday! 😉

I’m sorry for trying to photograph brown food. 😉  But, just so you can get the gist of it, this is what the ingredients looked like when they were being mixed together…

…and after being blended all up and poured into the pan.

Yeah, they weren’t really the epitome as far as texture or photogeniality goes.  But I was excited for these, so much it was kind of creepy.  Black bean brownies?  You can DO that??

I was worried at this point, though, because as I tasted the batter going along it was unmistakably…beany.  Kinda like a taco or something.  The whole point of all the chocolate is so you can’t taste the beans, and I would die if, after my whole hour of intensive baking, these came out of the oven still tasting like black beans!!  Why make healthy(ish) brownies if they don’t taste like brownies?

They came out of the oven after twenty minutes, with gooey chocolate chips still melting in the centers.

(And as you can see, they didn’t rise very much.  Or, at all.) 😛  I don’t know what was up with this; I know for a fact that I added baking powder!

My outlook was not good.  But religiously, like the hippie chocoholic foodie I am, I served one up and dug in with eyes closed…

…and I proclaimed, “mmmmm.”

This was actually a really good brownie!  The chocolate chips in the recipe are KEY, of utmost importance.  It’s really the chips that you taste when you bite into the brownie, which was all right with me. 😉  The brownie part itself did taste the slightest bit bean-y, but I’m really not kidding when I say if you weren’t expecting it, you wouldn’t know it was there.

For the ultimate test, I served one up to Little Bro, a kid who shuns even such American fare as pizza and hot dogs and lives almost solely on a diet of dry processed cheese sandwiches and prepackaged cereal and mac n’ cheese.

He ate it all, peoples, even commenting on how “homemade brownies always taste better than store-bought”.  Little did he know that I was surreptitiously pumping him up with veg protein, iron, fiber, and the antioxidants in cocoa powder!  😉

My trick…his treat!

(And, admittedly, mine, too.)

(witch cackles) Happy Halloween to all from The Girl in the Orange!!


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