ESST #3: Pre-5k

I don’t do things halfway.

Sometimes I think that over the course of yesterday and today, I tended to forget the fact that I’m not running a marathon here–I’m just doing a lowly 5k.  3.1 miles, big whoop.  But the perfectionist part of me was busy insisting that if there was something, ANYTHING I could do pre-race to help me race my best, then, of course, I would do it!  So yesterday (my race is today!!!) I indulged in the self-made excuse to eat pretty much nothing but carbs and protein! 🙂  Apparently this will keep my glycogen levels high and give me energy during the race…not that you can really “bonk” over the course of 3.1 miles, but, it never hurts to be prepared… 😉

So, for breakfast yesterday, I whipped up some Banana Custard Oats (custard oats have an egg in them for extra protein, and they don’t taste gross), recipe courtesy of Holly the Healthy Everythingtarian.

These really looked and tasted like banana creme pie as I made them up, and I was tempted to dollop some whipped cream and sugar on top.  This was breakfast, though, so I settled for a glob of good ol’ PB.

And I made up a really awful pun as I was cooking this…

Q:  Why was the chef afraid to pick up the utensil?

A: It was a BIG WHISK!!!


(Please say it out loud if you don’t get it.  It’s not really funny even if you do get it, but humor me, and say it out loud.  Pretend you’re Tweety Bird.  That should help too.)

I actually used a small whisk to cook these with. 🙂

I did Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners DVD a few hours after breakfast–like I said, anything and everything that can help me run better.  Following it, I was hungry, so I had a yummy pear from our backyard, with more peanut buttah.  Both ugly, both brown, so no picture foh you.

Lunch was this weird thing… (a lot of my lunches seem to fall into that category)

Local roasted butternut squash, veg refried beans from a can, and a tortilla.  Served with a glass of millk. It was too small for the plate, unfortunately, so you guys are stuck with this cruddy pic.

(Related aside: if someone wants to know what my favorite color is [I mean, specifically, not just orange], it’s the color of roasted butternut squash.  It’s kind of tangerine-y, really bold and rich. <3)

I was still hungry after this, so I pulled a muffin out of the freezer (yay, more carbs!)…

…and somehow didn’t manage to get a single in-focus picture of it.  😦  Boo!  I mentioned in my last post that I wanted some props for food photos, but also on my wish list?  A cheap ol’ tripod!!  It wouldn’t have to be fancy–I think I’ll ask for one of those Gorillapods, or something even cheaper–I just need something sturdier than my elbows, which is almost everything in this world.

These muffins were baked a couple of months ago to celebrate Citrus’ hatchday :), from a recipe on The Bright-Eyed Baker.  They’re pretty good for you as far as muffins go, and they have seeds (cuz Citrus is a bird) and Citrus flavor (the lemon)!!  I thought they were perfect.

I went for a twenty minute run after a few hours of alternating between doing homework and working on my novel, because 1.) I was feeling like a bum after sitting down for so long, and 2.) I wanted to feel a bit warmed up for today’s race.  So I went out and did a brisk twenty minutes…ending with dog poo splattered all up the back of my running capris.  #epicfail

With capris in the washer, I decided to break out the heavy artillery…

chocolate milk is rumored to have the ideal blend of protein and carbs for post-workout recovery!!  Like I keep saying, I wanted all the insurance I could get. 😉

Dinner was very carby as well–

veggie pasta with peas, and Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheeze sauce from Oh She Glows.

It occurs to me that I’d most likely starve without the internet.

Later on at night, I snacked on some “Crispy Stix” of some sort that I picked up at the airport last weekend.  They are a triple threat for “weird foodies” like me, containing almonds, raisins, and seaweed.  Of course I had to try a bag.

The flavor combination is, in short, curious.  It’s kind of fun, but I don’t love it.

This morning, I was a wee bit thrown off by the time change, but I welcomed a breakfast of Peanut Butter Pancakes from, fittingly, Peanut Butter Fingers.

Topped with maple syrup (FTW!) and a ~tsp of chia seeds (they’re supposed to be hydrating).

(Deep breath)…Okay.  Here I go.  I’ve got carbs in my tummah and I’m off.

Wish me luck!! 🙂


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