The Girl in the Orange runs her first 5k!

So, with all the fervor I worked up over my race yesterday, I’ll bet you guys were pretty peeved that I didn’t get my results up on the day of the race, hmm? 😉  (Humor me.  I like to pretend you care about my life as much as I do!)

Not really sure why I took a picture of my feet, but here ya go.

To tell the truth, the experience was awesome, but painfully fresh in my mind on Sunday, and I just wanted to go home and take a nap after.  So, I did.  It came back to haunt me later, when I was up doing homework until an unseemly hour, but I can live with that.

And by Monday, it was still hard to make sense of all the awesome emotions and personal challenges during the race, so I skipped posting about it that day as well; now my homework load is curiously light and I have no excuse for withholding my results from you any longer, but I fear my thoughts on the race are still something of a muddle and therefore will not be very well articulated.

So.  First running race.  Wimpy 5k distance that managed to kick my butt.  I think all the muffins and pancakes I ate the days prior to the race helped with my mindset; I kept telling myself if you don’t end up dead on your feet by the end of this race, your sugary feast will have been completely UNJUSTIFIED! 🙂  There was no way I was letting that happen!

I ran the race with a coworker of Mother Dearest’s.  She’s a CrossFit chick, so she’s all hard-core.  Like, intense.

I was a bit humiliated when she chatted with me casually during the race, as if we were on a nonchalant stroll.  I’m having trouble breathing at a regular pace and keeping my mouth non-sticky, about to die of bursting lungs or something, and she’s just talking about the beautiful fall leaves whizzing down and inquiring calmly if I need to visit the water station.  ;P  I’m really glad she went with me though; I doubt I would have gone nearly as fast without someone I knew to “compete” against (not that she had to exert much effort to match my pace), and push me to do my best. 🙂

I did; I pushed myself REALLY hard to make my quiet privately-set goal of 28:00, literally right on the dot!!  (I had to do some vicious sprinting at the end!)  Sadly, my official time was something like 28:12, due to the delay of starting at the “back of the pack” and taking twelve seconds to cross the starting line. 😉  BOO.  They need a better system for these things!

I didn’t place in my division, but I didn’t do awfully either; 4th place!!  There is something a bit defeating about just scraping third place with my head like that, but I’ll live.  😉  I got eighteenth in the Women’s Overall, out of 100-something women, so that’s none too shabby either!

While I didn’t win any prizes for my actual running, my name was drawn from an “early packet pick-up” raffle (meaning simply that I picked up my registration number + ‘swag bag’ before the day of the race) and I won a free long-sleeved running shirt, plus a gift certificate to a local vegetarian restaurant. 😉  #irunfortheswag

In the ‘swag bags’ they gave out to participants (what else am I supposed to call them?) I received these super CUTE sample-size Clif bars in my favorite flavor, Mint Chocolate.

Awww, look at da widdle guy. 🙂

(I scarfed down this protein bar after the race and it was delicious–chocolate coated, I might add!)

Along with the bars, I received some Emergen-C drink mix packets (meh, not so great), and some clinical strength deodorant!  Baha, I think they might have been subtley implying something… 😉

Still riding the running high, two days later, and I feel EPIC, if a bit sore!!  Let’s hear it for personal achievement!

Fill in the blank: The last time I felt EPIC was when…

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