‘Wicked’ and HUMMUS PASTA

Hola to all from The Girl in the Orange!  I hope you’re all enjoying your 3-day weekend (if you get one)!  I’m not sure if there will be time to post tomorrow, so I’ll say Happy Veterans Day now, for all my lovely USA readers!  Of course, I can’t overstate how important our soldiers are to us; a HUGE thank-you to everyone serving for our freedom.

Something good to do over a 3-day weekend is to be productive.  Get a jump start on a mega-homework load, do some yoga, go for a long run, compose a song, write a book, whatever!

Or you could blog about things like hummus and go see Broadway musicals. 😉

Today we took a day trip to Seattle to see the musical Wicked (I still think it’s ironic that Seattle is actually referred to as the ‘Emerald City’), which was a fun getaway.  I enjoyed the play, but– don’t hate –it wasn’t the breathtaking, stunning performance I thought it would be.  Meh, just another musical.  One thing I will say for it is that it had a lot of character.

But that’s not the main topic of this post!  There are much more important things than musicals (to me, at least, lest Rachel object), such as hummus and quick dinners.

All you hummus lovers, have I got a recipe idea for you!

You may have noticed that the “recipes” I post here (yup, all two of them) are more rough ideas than recipes.  This is partly because in my own life, I generally rely on quick, throw-together meals rather than intricate recipes (not enough time in the day!), and also partly because I feel intimidated posting something and proclaiming it a “recipe”.   It seems to imply that I am confident in my kitchen skills; I’m not, but this creation is pretty boss.

This is definitely not a recipe, but it’s been my dinner for the past two nights and I’m pretty dang pleased with myself for inventing this endlessly customizable bowl of delicious awesomeness.  It’s very convenient and speedy, plus it utilizes staples I almost always have lurking somewhere in my fridge–hummus, vegetables, and cooked pasta.

In order to make the aforementioned Hummus Pasta, one must simply take a serving of pasta, roughly chop up some veggies (here I used garden zucchini and red peppers) and whip up a hummus sauce for their creation.  The sauce is simple; all you need to do is thin hummus, homemade or store-bought, until it is your favorite consistency for pasta sauce.  I recommend using apple cider vinegar to thin; it gave my sauce a really nice and sweet taste, mixed with Pita Pal Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (best. ever), but if your hummus is garlicky you can also just use water.  Pour the sauce over your bowl of noodles n’ veggies, and call it cooking! “Hummus Pasta” certainly sounds gourmet. 😉

Take a picture, too; noodles are an endlessly forgiving photography subject.  Congratulate yourself on a quick, awesome, hummus-y meal and use the time you just saved by not cooking to do awesomesauce (pun INTENDED.  yeah!) things! 🙂  Can you tell I’ve been put in a good mood by the weekend? 😉

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