Running Survey + gettin’ mah game face on

Good morning!! ūüôā

Today I decided that it was a REAL PROBLEM that I hadn’t used my Mickey Mouse pancake shapers yet!

Problem solved. ūüėČ

Sweet potato chocolate pancakes…yummers.

I went out for a nice 30-minute run today (it’s so nice and easy to zone out as you’re running in the freezing cold, because your legs go numb) and had much time to ponder all sorts of things, and try to concentrate on anything but my¬†dead arms.

Earlier this week the subject of pull-ups came around in my math class, and my math teacher proceeded to contribute to the discussion: “I bet you can’t even do¬†one¬†pull-up!” (aimed at me). He then proceeded to hook his fingertips into the doorframe of the classroom (he’s a rock climber. ¬†unfair) and do sets of pull-ups right then and there, while I smoldered in the corner.

His reasoning? ¬†It’s biologically harder for girls to do pull-ups. ¬†Sure, it’s¬†harder, but that just makes it all the more¬†epical when a girl can actually do pull-ups, no?

The fiery, all-consuming rage of competetivity began burning deep inside me.  I wanted to pummel something.  I wanted to prove my worth!!!

(And then I was forced to admit that the fact remains that, as of right now, I¬†can’t do a pull-up. ¬†I am a weakling.)

Bicycling and running, my two loves in terms of sports, are very one-sided and are awesome for your lower body, but not so for your upper half. ¬†(Though I will unashamedly admit that running has given me stellar abs.) ¬†This means, as of last week, I GOT MY GAME FACE ON and am now putting more emphasis on STRENGTH TRAINING in my fitness regimen. ¬†I am sweating towards being able to do a pull-up!! ¬†Unfortunately, this also means that, even on my rest days, my arms feel like more like slabs of butchered meat hanging from my shoulders than actual arms. ¬†You don’t realize how much you use your pectoral muscles every time you unbutton your jeans to use the restroom–until they feel like they were attacked by chainsaws every morning. ¬†#justsayin’

Daddio is even getting in on the game–once I’m able to do 10 push-ups and 5 pull-ups, I will be rewarded with $100 from him, or something of equal or lesser value. ūüėČ ¬†(Does this mean I can call myself a sponsored athlete now?) ¬†Think of all the ‘hippie food’ I could buy with that!!

And on the topic of fitness, I saw this running survey on Peanut Butter Fingers¬†(originally on Another Mother Runner) a while back, and I’ve been itching to give it a whirl here ever since! ¬†(Forgive the mixed metaphor.) ¬†It’ll be interesting to compare my answers now to those of, say, a year later, when my running has (hopefully) progressed a lot.

Best Run Ever:

When I first got my new running shoes to correct my overpronation. ¬†You mean it’s actually not supposed to hurt??!

Three Words that Describe My Running:

Not talented; determined.

My Go-To Running Outfit:

Um, these black pants.

They’re bicycling pants, I believe. ¬†They keep me cool enough in summertime, warm enough in pouring rain-blizzards.

Athletic socks. ¬†Running shoes. ¬†A shirt, preferably non-cotton, and a lightweight running jacket, for when it’s raining¬† because it’s always raining.

I’m sorry; I’m boring.

Quirky Habit While Running:

I never listen to music, but I always have a song stuck in my head when I’m running! ¬†I think my¬†sub-conscience¬†cycles through all the songs that it knows and picks one that matches up with the rhythm of my footfall–that always seems to be the beat, anyway.

When there’s rain streaking down my face and blurring my vision, because there’s always rain streaking down my face and blurring my vision, I pretend I’m in one of those epic movie montages where you’ve got the tragic main character running for her life in the rain. ¬†(Those exist…right? ¬†I feel like they do.) Cue theme music: Florence and the Machine, or Kelly Clarkson.

Morning, Mid-Day, or Evening:

Anything’s fine; I don’t like running after dinner, though. ¬†I’m always so good and full when I start and then I need to eat a second dinner by the time I head back inside.

I Won’t Run Outside When it’s:

So wet that the ground is permanently waterlogged and is managing to make my socks soppy.

Worst Injury–and How I got Over it:

Ummm. I only started running a little more than three months ago, so I’m going to say my right ankle (twisted/rolled or something weird) today? ¬†It’s all screwed up, and it feels like my foot isn’t flexing right or something when it hits the ground. ¬†I don’t know what I did to it; but at any rate it’s probably not the epic injury you were hoping for.

I felt most like a badass mother runner when:

Fortunately I’ve never felt like a¬†mother runner. ¬†But in terms of badassity? ¬†When I finished my first 5k, yo.

Potential Running Goal for 2013:

I see a 10k somewhere in my future.

Next Race is:

A Jingle Bell 5k in December!! ūüôā ¬†Racers get jingle bells strapped to their ankles before the race starts, so you make an annoying lovely tinkling sound with each step you take. ¬†It promises to be very…erm, festive! ūüėČ


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