My little Black Friday rant.

It’s the morning after Thanksgiving.  It seems like most people in this country are either waking up groggily, hungover or “food babied” (in the words of Chef Katelyn)…or they’ve been standing in line at a big box store for approximately seven hours in a frenzy to snatch up all the holiday goodies they can.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against food babies.  But Black Friday? …This is one holiday I really can’t get behind.  In fact, it seriously ticks me off.

Yesterday America all sat down as families, some of us prayed and some of us simply took time to be grateful for life, we savored slowly a delicious meal that warmed our bellies and our hearts.  We played football in the backyard or Monopoly on the living room floor.  Second rounds of pumpkin pie were served up at 11 PM.  Smiles, warmth, good feelings all around.  We were so dang thankful!

And then what do we do the very next morning? (Or sometimes even in the same night?)  We rush out the door at insane hours to get into a store and grab more stuff.  To heck with thankful!  We need more!  This is the most tragic example of the  deep-rooted culture of consumerism in this country.  The fact that it’s the day after we all finished counting our blessings makes it all the more ironic.

I feel like one of those hippie protesters waving a giant sign proclaiming, “STOP THE MADNESS!”.  And I’m sorry if that’s what this is coming across as, if it bugs you.  But it’s true.  People, this is madness.  I’ve heard stories of store-openers and cashiers actually, physically being trampled in the manic rush to get inside doors on Black Friday.  Can we celebrate Buy Nothing Day instead?  We just took a holiday celebrating the fact that we don’t really need more, didn’t we?

Maybe things will be different when I’m a parent trying to stretch a dollar, and know I need to take advantage of the great prices offered on Black Friday.  But somehow I don’t think so–my whole family is planning on a quiet day in today, amusing ourselves with small domestic pleasures.  As for me, I know I’ll be blogging, writing, reading, running, working on pull-ups (still) and (unfortunately) studying for end-of-trimester exams.  What about you?

4 thoughts on “My little Black Friday rant.

    • Yes, unfortunately–at least in History. It’s on Thursday–he handed out the study guides on Tuesday. It basically just covers EVERYTHING we learned over the course of the trimester, starting with Roanoke and all that and ending with political terms.

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