Marvelous in my Monday, the Woodpecker Way

I’m going to take a leaf out of Katie’s book today (and, by extension, The Healthy Diva’s), and spread a little Monday love!  While I have to admit that I don’t necessarily love Mondays, they are a necessary evil if, like me, you find yourself resorting to reading food blogs or (insert your preferred generic time waster here) all day without some type of schedule to adhere to.  School has started up again after a week of break…and we have exams just around the corner…but Mondays aren’t all bad!

Marvelous today is…

A brisk 2.5-mile run this afternoon when I saw more Pileated Woodpeckers than I’ve ever seen in my life!  They must be migrating–but it’s strange to see so many of them, when they usually literally “fly solo”.  They were swooping low over my head and landing in our apple trees to peck at the last of the straggler fruits.  I’m a sucker for birds in general, but these guys were gorgeous!!

(Not so marvelous–I had every intention of doing another full 5k distance today, but had to cut it short because of pain/tightness in both my knees.  Sadly, I think I have developed runner’s knee.  Apparently it tends to strike females, recreational runners, and otherwise healthy individuals.  [Sighs, raises hand.]  My next race is in a little over a week, so I’m taking it easy now, icing them both and keeping them elevated.)

Marvelous today is…

Taking a short meditative break to refill my fountain pen (my inkwell was getting dusty, gasp!) and jot down some pretty great quotes I picked up today.


Marvelous today is…

Eating my body weight in baked oatmeal, my newest healthy addiction.  Ever since I tried PB Fingers’ Vanilla Pecan Baked Oatmeal, I’ve been obsessed with the stuff and am currently fiddling around with a recipe of my own to post up here!


You guys should be grateful for all the hard work I put into this blog. Testing a new variety of baked oatmeal is taxing, peeps! 😉

(Another not-so-marvelous–I was taking the garbage out earlier today and was greeted by our hunting dog…a big, fat, partially-gutted squirrel hanging out of his mouth.  I still refuse to look at the dog.  There’s blood all over his fur,

and his breath smells worse than it usually does.  I know.  I’ll give you a minute to try to process that.

He smiled and wagged his little stubby tail.



Sigh…well, what was marvelous in your Monday?

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