So, today I discovered that the injury in my shin is most likely a combination of overuse and growing.  I also discovered that there is absolutely no way I am allowed to run my 5k this weekend. 😦  In fact, I’m backing off of exercise completely for a few weeks now and am on a steady regimen of ice, rest (aka sitting around all day writing and blogging) and ibuprofen.

We shall see how things progress.

I’ve already done quite a bit of ranting on this unfortunate reality, so we shall move on to some happier discoveries.

1: I discovered that you can MAKE almond flour.  At home.  Mind=blown; especially since I already had a couple of containers full of leftover pulp from making almond milk in the freezer, and food waste puts me in anguish.  Additionally, a couple of weeks ago we bought a dehydrator! I have certainly been utilizing it to its fullest potential since then. 😉


Boom, almond flour.  I just dehydrated the pulp for about 6 hours, then gave it a buzz in the Magic Bullet.  Therefore…


Boom, almond butter pancakes.  Ridiculously high protein; made from scratch by moi (I made the almond butter AND the almond flour!  But free-range chickens made the eggs and local bees made the honey); and yummers with maple syrple.    They are SOO filling; a good change from regular pancakes.  I could eat those until my stomach exploded, and still wouldn’t feel full!

Not these guys.

Not these guys.

2:  I discovered that there is a December photo challenge taking place in the blogosphere.  You know me.  I’m one for challenges.  Unfortunately, I found out about it LATE, so now I suppose I shall just post extra pictures on the weekend to make up for the days I missed.  Shhh.  But, anyway, here’s mine for today (and it’s NOT FOOD!  Is your mind blown?) 🙂

001I like this one.  I think my lens was smeared with dirt or something when I took it, and it gives that lonely set of twin chairs a nice rustic tinge.

So, just to clarify, the second pancake picture in this post is my entry for December 6th, and the chair photo above is my entry for today.  (I’m not “officially” participating in the contest–but I do want to be thorough about this and make sure I have a photo to represent all 31 days of December!  My photos for December 1-5 and possibly December 8 will be up this weekend.)  I have a feeling this is gonn’ be funnn.  🙂

Did you discover anything today?


What say you?

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