Thoughts on the Connecticut Shooting

I’m not going to lie to you–even with my great (heheh) philosophical skill, I’m not going to attempt to answer anything in this post.  I’m not going to try to figure out Why It Happened or try to blame anyone, because no one can because there’s so many sides to things like this and all we can say is, “I’m so sorry.”  And then, after a bit of contemplation, once they’re out of earshot, “Let’s pray it doesn’t happen to us.”  Because no matter how hard we try, we will always be selfish creatures.

Small, personal tragedies occur every day around the globe, but we give this one special attention because it is a Loud Tragedy, grasped by media and publicized and well-documented.  It hits us hard and profound and we cry because it happened and we cry because we cannot pinpoint why it happened.

These tragedies have always been around to haunt us like pale little moths in our bedcovers, irking us and moving us to sobs but, ultimately, not disrupting our daily life.  And for this we should be grateful, and for those people directly involved in this shooting we should be in agony.  I don’t know why this type of thing is occurring more and more, but rather than assuming it’s the human race getting more evil, I think it’s just the human race getting…more.  There are SO many people in this nation, in this world.  So many minds whirring, fists clenching, blind voices shrieking.  And then when one gunshot rings over the roar, then we fall silent.  Then, we ask ourselves, how did we not hear this coming?

I’m so sorry.

What say you?

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