I’ve had to make the difficult transition from Black Friday to food before, but that’s really nothing compared to what I now  have to do here.  I have to shift from talking about a horrific tragedy…to talking about myself.  This makes me feel rotten as a person…but there’s really no way to blog without talking about yourself.  I still send my deepest grievances and prayers to those affected by the Sandy Hook shooting.


Isn’t it so annoyingly nondescript when a blogger titles a post something like “My life now”, or “Things Happening”, or “Updates”?  I hear you.  You just want to scream at them, you’re writing a blog here!  The least you can do is come up with creative titles for your posts–they’re ALL updates!  I share in this vehement loathing of unoriginal post titles, and so I apologize; but I didn’t feel that this post better fit any other title.  It is quite literally a random hodgepodge of Updates.

First Update:  Exercise is back in my life!

Stripey socks, meet kettlebells.  I love it.

Stripey socks, meet kettlebells. I love it.

I still don’t trust my knees or ankles enough to run again, but I’m starting strength training in earnest now, as opposed to  treating it as just something I do on the side of my running regimen.  I have decided that it’s cool that I finished a 5k but extremely uncool that everyone (all 6 people) in my math class can beat me at arm wrestling.  Grr.  At the moment, I have bony, skinny little bird arms (please excuse the fact that birds do not actually have arms) and couldn’t do a full push-up if my life depended on it; this needs to change.  Thus, I have begun working with kettlebells, Daddio’s weight cage, resistance bands, and good old-fashioned (erm, modified) pushups and pull-ups.  Maybe injuring my legs was just the wake-up call I needed to let me know that I’m very fit, but my upper body…needs help.

Guess what came yesterday??


Tee-hee!  Protein powder makes me a very happy girl.  Yes, I blew what little birthday money I received on this bad boy–$50 for the canister!! 😦  But it’s worth it.  I’m slowly becoming obsessed, and must keep reminding myself that I need to eat nuts, legumes, grains, and eggs for protein as well.  Can’t just spoon the Vega into mouth all day.

And I will fully admit that I did the “weird-foodie-waiting-for-new-food-to-arrive” thing (anyone out there that can relate??), which goes a little something like this:

1.  Constantly refresh your Amazon order status, waiting for that precious Delivered tag to appear under the picture of your glorious impending food.

2.  Browse blogs and cookbooks extensively and bookmark new recipes you will be able to make once you receive (insert new food here).

3.  Make the half-mile trek to your mailbox (if you live in a hole like I do) in pouring rain just so you can retrieve The Package.

4.  Joyously, unceremoniously slit the tape on The Package and marvel at the contents.  Covet your new foodstuff, hug it, take it to the breakfast table with you so you can thoroughly read the label and product description as you eat some Lesser Food.  Immediately shove New Food into your mouth as soon as you terminate your regularly scheduled meal.

I was really excited for this protein powder, mmkay?

In other news, I am journeying to Seattle tomorrow to meet with the aforementioned literary attorney.  This is so foreign and so exciting–it makes my heart speed up whenever I think about it.  I have no idea what will come of the meeting, but I am of the optimistic sort (when I have food in my stomach, at least) and have high hopes.


There are a million potential pitfalls and possible pratfalls.  Does the outfit I’m choosing to wear look professional enough?  Or does it look too old for me?  Is my posture okay–am I exhibiting the dreaded “teenage slouch”?  And, oh, yeah, what if I realize that everything I’ve written is the quality of the type of stuff you would find in a sewer?  Gah, the stress; the opportunity.

What say you?

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