Joint Bargain

To my dear, lovely, clever, beautiful, essential, fabulous pair of knees–

Knees–I love you.  So much.  Always have, always will.  You knew that, right?

You have been sooo good to me over the duration of my life so far.  Taking me everywhere I needed to go, helping me do everything I needed to get done.  Perhaps I haven’t always been as appreciative of that as I should be, but that’s going to change.  I promise.

If you do this one thing for me…

Remember that thing we used to do together?

That thing when I moved you up and down and back and forth and out and in…

that thing where we went really fast…

Fall Things to Be Grateful For 019

and we called it running?

Yes, that thing!  What did you think I was talking about??

Anyway, I kinda miss that.

Actually, I miss it a lot.  It makes my heart ache that we don’t do it anymore.

So, I have a bargain to propose.

January is starting soon–

if you want, January will be your month, you hear me?

Your month.

I will be your servant for a full 31-day period.

We could get some bubble baths and some massages.  Mmmm, right?

I’ve been reading up on arthritis-minimizing foods–

good news!  Olive oil is one!  So is celery, and so are lentils, and so are most vegetables…how’s about I fix up a mungo salad for us for lunch every day?  And then finish it with extra-extra-dark chocolate?  I’ll take in so many anti-inflammatory compounds you won’t know what to do with me, knees.


Anti-inflammatory!  Anti-inflammatory!  Woot!

Anti-inflammatory! Anti-inflammatory! Woot!

We could do more yoga.  You’d like that, right?  A little downward-dog action, hmm?

Even if we do have to do it in the spindle-spider infested garage.

Even if we do have to do it in the spindle-spider infested garage.

Oh yeah, and I can wear knee sleeves when we’re doing all this.  Gentle compression; it’d feel so good!

Sounds nice, right?

Sounds ahmazing?

Well, great!

It’s all yours!..if

you promise me I don’t have arthritis…

–The Girl in the Orange


3 thoughts on “Joint Bargain

  1. Ha! I am going to attempt a 1/2 marathon for the 1st time this spring and I hope my knees don’t give out! Years of gymnastics destroyed them. 😦 Good luck! We have those spiders all over our garage and basement. Good news is that they aren’t aggressive and rarely leave their webs. Bad news is that they are gross and huge. Ew.

  2. I’ve had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was about 14 years old, and it’s not so bad… I mean, you can tell when it’s going to rain or snow or be foggy (not a myth). Yeaaaah, okay… it’s pretty crap most of the time.

    With medication, it has been for me, at least, pretty manageable. It can admittedly interfere with the stuff you want to do… But you can find low-impact exercise – such as biking; running may not necessarily be out completely, too. You’re also already a step ahead with diet! A heating pad and/or an ice pack can help with pain, especially if you have swelling, and physical therapy helped me quite a bit in the beginning. I went to a place that used myofascial release. It may be worth checking out.

    Fingers crossed for you that it’s not arthritis. Fish oil! That’s the other thing. Fish oil is really good for you in a number of ways. The capsules can give you, er, fish-burps, though. Good luck.

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