ESST #4: Growth Spurt

You know what’s good?


You know how much I eat of it?


Oh, what wonderful fortune it was for me to flourish into a foodie while still munching my way through the adolescent years!

The constant ravenousness that is part of the package of (hopefully…) shooting up six inches within five years is something of a double-edged sword.  It is both a blessing, in that it allows endless opportunities for culinary exploration and craving satisfaction, and something of a curse in that if you ever travel anywhere, say, for the afternoon, you have to find some way to inconspicuously transport an entire instant mini-meal there with you in order to keep yourself a pleasant and engaged member of society.  Not that I’ve ever done this, or anything…

Hopefully this post will enlighten non-teenage folks to (or perhaps remind them of) the mass amounts of food that we are capable of consuming.  Please have sympathy!  The constant thrumming pain in our legs and joints that serve as a constant reminder of their speedy lengthening ain’t no joyride.  Add in the coursing hormones and mass, mass chocolate cravings…well, it ain’t no joyride.

(If you have no idea what an ESST is, check out my very first–it’s like a What I Ate Wednesday post, only I don’t confine myself to Wednesdays, and the name allows me to pay homage to my Western roots.  Every single stankin’ thang  [I ate].)

A Totally Chocolate Breakfast

It was Saturday morning–the one time per week I actually have time to make something semi-extravagant (read: not quick-oatmeal) for breakfast.  Do you think I’m going to pass up this opportunity?

DSCN0184I started off my day with a mug of The Republic of Tea’s Double Dark Chocolate Mate tea.  I bought it for Mother Dearest for Christmas and have been shamelessly mooching ever since.  Gal’s gotta have chocolate.


Then, I whipped up a single-serve batch of Joelle’s Paleo Pancakes.  I’ve had this pinned on Pinterest for a while–the 3-ingredient recipe made me extremely happy (and induced salivating) when I first saw it, and the paleo-ness adds to its appeal.  No, I’m not Paleo–not in the slightest–but I do appreciate that paleo breakfasts are always whole-foods-based, gluten-free, and have more protein than my average breakfast.  🙂  (However, I DID besmudge the name of Paleo by using peanut butter instead of almond butter–sorry.  I was all out.)  I threw in some cocoa powder to these pancakes because I figured, well, I had banana, and peanut butter–there was only one thing missing to form the ultimate flavor triumvirate!

DSCN0192That would be chocolate, if you weren’t aware.

These pancakes turned out MUCH lighter and fluffier than I expected them too–usually nut butter pancakes turn out pretty dense!  Judging from the texture results, I’m betting these could easily be adapted to crepes–but I know nothing about crepes, so don’t quote me on that.

Then I ate an orange, but I inexplicably forgot I was taking pictures of my food as I was eating it.

DSCN0199And so it was that you guys ended up with this picture.

This held me over for about four hours, which was quite a feat, and then quinoa had to happen.

10:00 Lunch


This was a pretty large bowl, and I thought it would have no trouble satiating–but I actually ended up eating it about x3.  Don’t know how that happened…

And, as if to further rub my diet in Paleo’s face (I’m so sorry), I drank two glasses of milk.


Recycled pic–another ‘I’m sorry’. But why would I waste precious storage space on pictures of milk, of all things?

I was hangry.  Let’s call this meal “10:00 lunch”.  (It wasn’t my actual lunch.  Believe.)

Actual Lunch

Lunch was as random as it was veggie-ful–I sauteed a Field Roast Grain Meat Co. sausage with some broccoli slaw, then served the whole thing over a bed of romaine and spinach.



I never enjoyed sausage when I was little, but now the uniquely spicey flavor is growing on me.  (Like most faux meats, these “sausages” DO taste STUNNINGLY like the real thing–it’s just that the texture is not quite the same.)

About two hours later, I had a handful quite a lot of Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams–because what’s a day without chocolate??  Oh, that’s right, I’d already had a lot this morning…

DSCN0207x about, um, 100.  No, really–I guess I probably ended up eating four times this much.  I had to finish the box, you guys–I couldn’t just leave a couple of handfuls in there like a crazy person.

(I guess I’d better inform you guys now that this post is one of those posts, the ones where the content, not the pictures is the focus…they occur more often than I would like, but I was too busy inhaling food to really focus on taking good pictures.)

I was still hungry after the bunnehs, so I had a big stinkin’ bowl of plain yogurt.  I also had leftover bunny crumbs on my hands, so I dusted them on the yogurt.

DSCN0209Then even MORE quinoa happened.  It’s boring and not pretty–you wouldn’t want to see it.

THEN it was time for more peanut butter.  Big giant creamy rich slurpy spoon of peanut butter.  Heaven.


That meant I had eaten chocolate, peanut butter…

DSCN0213Half a banana had to happen.  (In the dark.)  Just to even things out.

Then, we were off! to Best Buy.  We waited at Customer Service for quite a multitude of hours to sort out some password problems, and I walked away with a new toy. 😉

DSCN0219Now I just need to figure out what the heck Instagram is/how to use it.  It sounds exciting.

Presently I became (can you guess?) hungry, so I ate Cheerios.  Cheerios are always a good idea.

Hey, this picture's actually kind of cute!

Hey, this picture’s actually kind of cute!


One hour passed, and it was dinnertime.  Somehow I had managed not to cook anything, so I ended up openin’ a can o’ Amy’s Minestrone soup, serving myself a generous bowl, and accompanying it with a simple romaine+evoo+balsamic vinegar salad.  And a muffin, that I had made earlier for breakfasts throughout the week.  (The muffin ended up being x2.)

Blech.  Bad picture.  But the soup was good.  i particularly enjoyed the little twisty pastas, even though they seemed slightly overcooked.

Blech. Bad picture. But the soup was good. I particularly enjoyed the little twisty pastas, even though they seemed slightly overcooked.

DSCN0218Actually, it’s hard to believe that this was all I ate that day!  Normally I feel like I’m downing much, MUCH more…guess today I just got lucky and saved some gigabytes on the blog account. 🙂  (I’m becoming increasingly aware of that number counting up and up and up…no more free storage for me soon.  Gulp.)

On a slightly more serious note, parents, if you have a teenage girl, PLEASE be sensitive about what you say about her eating habits.  As someone who considers myself relatively “fit”, sometimes it gives me pause to think that I’m hungry…again…even after I’ve just finished a huge dinner, thinking that extra weight will hamper my running time or make me have to lift more during pull-ups or something, but getting the calories for GROWING is so much more important than either of those things.  (And hey, more weight to lift just means bigger muscles later. ;))  Even something as seemingly benign as “Wow, you’re eating again?” can be enough to trigger that vile monster, Self-Doubt, and start him gnawing on the corners of someone’s confidence.  We’re growing.  Our metabolisms are through the roof, higher than they’ll ever be in our lifetimes, and we’re as sure as heck going to enjoy it while it lasts. WE NEED THIS FOOD.  Lots of it.  More please, and thank you very much.


What say you?

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