Oooh, Pretty Light

So, yesterday we were having one of those days when the light of everything was just too pretty not to go outside and take pictures, you know?

You probably don’t know.

But, anyway, it was that kind of day, so even though I had a buttload of homework to get done, I tromped around in the yard for a good half-hour, shooting (with a camera) anything and everything, enjoying the halcyon glow.  I hope these photos speak for themselves.


Shadows--dog and photog

Shadows–dog and photog

Photographer, and purple ball

Photographer, and purple ball








Paws, and accompanying shadows

Paws, and accompanying shadows

Secluded, sunny grove

Secluded, sunny grove

Dogs invading secluded, sunny grove

Dogs invading secluded, sunny grove


Just to prove that, you know, I can and do take pictures of things other than food. 😉

Have a wonderful rest of your Winter!  (Why do we have so much sun all of a sudden??  Not that I don’t appreciate it, but…it’s JANUARY, for crying out loud!  Where’s my blizzard?)


What say you?

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