Bad Apron Pictures, Fluffy Frosting, and REALLY GOOD Cup(pan)cakes

In stark contrast to the epic wasteland of negativity that was my previous post, today I’ma be talkin’ a little bit about everyone’s favorite, palm-sized sweet treat: cupcakes!  (Yes, I do still have a life, outside of my wallowing in misery over my aching joints.)  Specifically, I’ma be talkin’ ’bout how I gets up at 3:00 AM to make them, and surprise even myself by doing a decent job.

Something really awesome about attending a private school is that you get to participate in a multitude of cool extracurricular programs–my latest excursion was a school-organized foray into the world of business owning and managing (and, incidentally food.  Yay!  I like that world!).  I was required to spend six hours in a small-scale business of my (somewhat) choosing, and I was assigned the lovely Bonjour Cupcakes, all the way over in Olympia.


I learned quite a lot.  I somehow have a sneaking suspicion that that was the point of the assignment.

For example, did you know that bakers work hours that usually start around 10:00 PM and conclude around 7:00 AM?

I didn’t.  Until now.

Thankfully, that wasn’t quite me, but I did have to rise at 3:00 AM in order to get myself lookin’ presentable and mosey down to the business, where I would be shadowing the manager and bakers there, taking in all they do and say and just feeding off their awesome cupcake-making vibe.  It was an amazing experience; no, I don’t necessarily want to become a baker when I grow up (unless all else fails…I don’t think I’m organized enough, anyway!  You have to keep track of all those trays and orders and ingredients and lists and proportions…), BUT, it was quite awesomesauce to see how things actually play out “behind the scenes” of a cupcake shop!


Man, they have tubs of buttercream.  Tubs!!  Ecstasy.

I wore an apron and took a really bad photo of it


and proceeded to conquer my jobs of Squirter of Magic Potion (aka caramel sauce and lemon curd) Into the Center of the Cupcakes, and Decorator of Already-Frosted Cupcakes.



MY handiwork!  MY handiwork!! (happy dances)

MY handiwork! MY handiwork!! (happy dances)

Oh, yeah, and my other job.  The most important one: Taste-Tester.


Because of my possibly food sensitivity issues, I was confined to sampling the gluten-free flavors, and I ended up picking an unfrosted vanilla gluten-free, made with almond and coconut flour.

LOOOOOOVE.  This was quite possibly the best cupcake I’ve had in my life, gluten-free or otherwise.  I loved how the “denser” nut flours blended together to create a cupcake that was, yes, dense, but so sweet, and almost pancake-like in texture.  (Cup-pancakes?  That idea brings me tears of happiness, and also a recipe idea…)  It was the kind of cupcake that, upon finishing, you just wanted to stuff the wrapper in your mouth and chew off all the remaining bits of cake.  (Please tell me you’ve done this before!–I mean, it’s not like I ever have, or anything…)  I refrained, because I was in the company of civilized human beings, but they really are THAT good.  Stop by Bonjour Cupcakes if you ever get the chance!

DSCN0337They are worthy. 🙂


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