Thematic Disloyalty

Just a little heads-up–you’re going to be seeing some changes here on TGITO!

As you may have already noticed, if you’re viewing this post live, I’ve played majorly with the design of the blog in an effort to make it look more awesome, more orange, more professional, and more me.  (I’ve certainly succeeded with the orange part, hmm?) 😉  And the design may change majorly in other ways over the course of the week–or I may go back to the original design.  I was just getting to a point where I felt like the “old” design looked really…bad.

But since I am a sentimental person, for some reason I am harboring feelings of self-betrayal by doing this.  For reasons unknown, I feel like I just led Yoko (my old design) on for six months and then left it with my child.  (Or maybe I’ve been watching too much Les Mis…)  Changing my site all around feels majorly disloyal and offensive to Yoko–the trusting, hardworking design of the past, only to be replaced by some shiny, fancy new popular design…

I apologize, Yoko.  (But—thoughts on the new layout, anyone?)

One thought on “Thematic Disloyalty

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