Positive Poetry Project Entry #2

To the prompt:

Opening Line:
“She had the best laugh–loud, sudden–I’d hear it in my sleep.” 
Use this line to begin or end a short story, or somewhere in the middle.
I suppose I’ll write a poem about this She.
No, Really, It’s Hilarious.

She had the best laugh–

loud, sudden–

I’d hear it in my sleep.

Ringing out over the cemetery

the one we could not avoid on our homeward walks together

managing to slice sharply through even that long-still air

the blade of a fan made of light and love.

The way it burst from her throat

At the oddest moments

with our fleece-mittened hands a swinging pendulum between us

was the one thing

that could remind me

that all this


is surely so





(Sigh) Still, with the cemetery reference.  And the past-tense.  But I blame the given-to-me opening line for the past tense, and the poem is “positive” overall.

–The Girl in the Orange

What say you?

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