Positive Poetry Project Entry #4

In response to the prompt:

Wanted: One Writer
Write a wanted ad that you or one of your characters might respond to. List characteristics and skills you or they have. Try and come up with specifics that indicate a perfect fit, as well as broad descriptors. Make the listing as long or as short as you’d like. Example:“Wanted: One man, not too tall, who can change tires with racecar-pit efficiency. Love of dogs a must, as is love of Minecraft. Strong opinions about web browsers a bonus; brunettes preferred. Qualified candidates can respond in French.”

Wanted: The Girl in the Orange

Am I…wanted?

I see my picture tacked to the wall there

all smiles, of course,

and I want to scribble that word there;


just to give myself some



Or, better yet, you could scrawl that there

smile quietly in your acknowledgement of its truth

leaving me with a glimmer inside

feeling wanted.


If you want

a girl, short of stature,

with braces and square glasses

who can recite pi to the 349th digit after the decimal,

who spends her time writing poetry and blogging when she really should be doing her homework

(but gets all A’s anyway)–

boy, aren’t you lucky right now!


Yes, handcuff me, lock me up, throw me into captivity–

I hear I’m wanted alive–

just so I can feel the resonating meaning of that word.


I’ll be waiting–

I guarantee you I won’t run out of stock–

Just let me know–

If you want

someone with hard fists and a sharp tongue,

but a soft heart,

who would make you learn to love tofu,

who would teach you everything she’s learned over these crooked years

and is just as eager to learn from you–

Just let me know.



 –The Girl in the Orange


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