Positive Poetry Project Entry #5

Photo prompt: Write a poem or story inspired by the scenario in this photograph. 


Photograph by Willi Wallroth. Reproduced under a public domain license from Wikimedia Commons.
Whoever said
That the skill of playing a great game of tag
Is something you outgrow
Neglected to inform these two gentlemen. 

Or perhaps they were informed, and like the teenagers they are,

they are choosing to rebel—

choosing to disregard that particular scrap of information

and all of society’s restrictions along with it

choosing to leave it behind to fester in the sun, along with their shame

along with their pride

along with that awful nuisance we have come to call rationality.



is a day

to be



truly happy for the first time in



Today they will dash through the neighborhood,

Tearing through shopping malls and Cineplexes and skate parks and town squares

Taking delight in the squealing of swerving tires as they enthuse through the streets

supposedly alternating between chaser and chasee but no one

is really keeping track


and the world

so consumed by its rationality

is doomed to watch from the sidelines, collectively scratching its head

not understanding


will find it in itself

to laugh alongside them



(has no idea

just how much it is really missing out on)




–The Girl in the Orange


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