Positive Poetry Project Entry #6

In response to the prompt:

It was all yellow.
Colors have always been linked to emotions. Take one color and write down every emotion you associate with that color. Then, branch out. Write down people and positions, locations, objects, weather–anything at all that you associate with that color. The relationship doesn’t have to be logical; it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.Write a poem or short story incorporating a few of the objects and feelings that you’ve listed. Incorporate the original, inspirational cover as frequently or infrequently as you like.
Hmm, I wonder what color I’m going to choose.  😉

sweet sticky syrup sliding to the back of your throat

drinking in life


silly sunny summer days and even





(they’re imported from South America, you know)


passion and heat and

perfectly circular cockatiel cheeks and


for once

journal entries

self-pep-talks, delicately toeing a new lifeline


discovering how to be The Girl in the




Wow…that took me, um, thirty seconds.  Fastest entry yet.

I realize many of these entries aren’t Awesome poems (or, at least, they’re not quite up to my standard of “Oh, I really love that one”), BUT, at least I’m not talking about death and depression all the time. 🙂



What say you?

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