Strange But Good: 2-Ingredient Banana Creme

Of all the possible ways to capture people’s attention, excluding, of course, suddenly dropping dead or screaming “I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!!”, I have found there to be two most effective options:

1.  Megaphone.

2.  Dangle a picture of chocolate in front of them.

DSCN0496Oh, wait, maybe there’s three effective options:

3.  Shout “I HAVE CHOCOLATE!!” through a megaphone.  Oh, and if you happen to be in the food blogging community, it will help your case if you also add “IT’S HEALTHY!!  THREE INGREDIENTS AT MOST, THAT’S ALL!  AND, YES, IT’S #STRANGEBUTGOOD!!”

Ah, #strangebutgood.  How I love thee.

Strange But Good is the brainchild of Laura, of Sprint2TheTable fame; a blogger linkup designated to showcasing the strange…but good!!…foods that we bloggers have integrated into our lives.  You know, the usual: things like chocolate-covered sweet potatoes, extravagant oatmeal creations, etc.  In other words, Strange But Good is singularly THE BEST IDEA EVER.  Except, you know, maybe the internet.  And ice cream scoops with antifreeze in the handles…but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

This particular Strange But Good recipe was born out of a happy accident one day, when I was blending up a Green Monster and forgot to add milk.

“What kind of person does that?” you ask me?  “It’s a smoothie!  It necessitates milk in order for it to be smooth!!”  I don’t know; apparently, I’m just wonderfully scatterbrained enough to make these kinds of mistakes, because, on this particular day, when I was heading to the refrigerator to remedy my dairy-deprivation calamity, I happened to taste the “smoothie” anyway.  To my very pleasant surprise, it tasted like a healthier (read: not as cloyingly sweet) version of the filling of the ever-famous Banana Creme Pie!!


 As Scott Conant said the other night on Chopped“It was a little bowl of goodness, and it made me happy.”  #foodnerdalert

So, without further fanfare, let me present to you the strange, delicious basic recipe for

2-Ingredient Banana Creme

-1 banana, the riper the better

-4 oz tofu (silken if you want it to look creamy like pudding, as above, but any kind, even extra-firm, will work!)


Combine ingredients in a blender.  Blend until smooth.

Top with chocolate chips, nuts, flavored syrups…whatever floats your (banana) boat.  😉

Be happy 🙂

DSCN0471See what I did there? 🙂

If you want to get cuhrayzee, you can blend in 1-2T of cocoa powder (and some optional sweetener, depending on your sugar tolerance/preferences) and make 3-Ingredient Chocolate Banana Creme, as in the first picture.

OR, if you haven’t had enough STRANGE, go on and try Green Banana Creme by blending in a couple handfuls of spinach!!


I iced mine with some chocolate PB2, and slurped to my heart’s content. 🙂  And believe me, I TRIED to take a decent photo, but I was working with green and brown food, as well as objectionable 6:30 AM lighting.  Come, fellow food bloggers–be sympathetic to my plight, and revel in the strangeness of a good tofu smoothie!

–The Girl in the Orange


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