Positive Poetry Project Entry #7

Photo prompt: Write a poem or story inspired by the scenario in this photograph.

Photograph by NASA. Reproduced from Wikimedia Commons.

in science we learn that humans are made of


which sounds so




that it somehow doesn’t seem pertinent

after a time

once childhood naivety has worn away

and bright eyes become




we say we are doomed as a species

“look at what we’ve done to this planet”

and everything has a ring of truth

but maybe that is all it will ever be

because i look at those seams, veins, capillaries of


threaded across this place

dreamed by radicals,

fabricated by engineers

photographed by


and i think that

if we have destroyed this planet

we have surely done so in the most beautiful way

like euthanasia

the human death

the humane death



are smatterings of


not so





Okay, as a little disclaimer about this one–if you choose to read it a certain way (because there is often more than one interpretation of a poem), it brings up some opinions which are not necessarily my own, namely about climate change, which is not THE most controversial issue out there, but is still pretty heated (no pun intended) among some people. I really try to keep this blog as non-political as possible, because I believe that there isn’t a single issue out there that’s completely black-and-white and I respect all viewpoints one may take.  So, no judging here.  Regardless of personal opinions, that’s a beautiful photo and a lot of what humanity has done is really, strikingly beautiful.

This poem is also not very positive, I’m afraid.  I think I piqued with Entry #4.  But tomorrow comes the final poem, THE positive poetry challenge–writing about happiness itself.

Should be interesting.

–The Girl in the Orange


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