Weekend Pictures


I actually have a life outside of fangirling out over food and bemoaning my knee problems.

Shocking, I know.  I would tell you to sit down, but I realize that, if you are reading this at a computer, you are likely already doing so.  Still, you may need some time and some help to process this news.  Chocolate would probably help you right now.

Ze Play

I have to admit that The Girl in the Orange (the blog, I mean) has been more silent than I would like during this past month.  Actually, during the past three months.  This was because, for three months, I have been engaged in rigorous rehearsals for a school play, which performed last Friday and Saturday.

I love this picture; but sorry for the smudged face.

I love this picture; but sorry for the smudged face.

School plays get a bad rap.  It’s supposed to be unprofessional, stiff, and comically ill-acted.  Someone’s supposed to totally flub their lines, and all the parents are supposed to chuckle at how cute the actors are.

DO NOT SAY THESE THINGS AROUND OUR CAST.  We take school plays very, very seriously.

The play was about children living in the Jewish “holding camp” Terezin during the holocaust.  All but one of us died.  I played a “new girl” with the will of a wisp and a hopeless romantic crush on this one guy who’se very controlling and, if the relationship were to continue, I’m pretty sure he would turn abusive.  All’s fair in love and war, right?


But at least I got to rock the woolen skirt and long socks.  (My knees were NOT a big fan of clomping around on the hard wooden stage for two hours in those heels.)



It was impossible to relax my facial muscles completely in the makeup line because I knew my friend was ready to spring on me with copious amounts of hair gel as soon as my eyeliner dried.  She has a…thing with my hair.

Save me.

Save me.

DSCN0669I discovered my camera had a sepia mode (!) a little while before the curtain went up, and there was a wooden slingshot on a wooden table, so…there you go.

Both shows were really awesomely fun, and went on without too many hitches. 😉  After Saturday’s show, the cast hit up Red Robin for a party that went on ’till about eleven at night.  Which was like, three hours past my bedtime.  Yeah, I’m lame like that.  I get up SO EARLY in the morning, though (more productive that way), so don’t judge.

I finally felt like a typical teenager.  I sat in a burger joint eating nachos, deep fried jalapenos, a Gardenburger and fries at 11 o’ clock at night (even though I’d already had a big breakfast, two lunches and a dinner that day…), making jokes and sinking ever deeper into the depths of sleep-deprivation-induced hysteria, and laughing over the littlest.  (I did not, alas, take a picture of my epic Gardenburger, because that would defeat the whole “normal teenager” attempt.)  I don’t know that I’ve been so profoundly happy for a long, long time.

At Intermission…

We also went laser tagging this weekend!  Granted, it wasn’t actually during the intermission of the play–though that would have been spectacular–but it occurred on Saturday between the two performances.

And guess who got third out of fifteen people!DSCN0629

This girl.  Oh yes.

I feel like laser tag is one of those things that as a girl, you need to be exceptional at, so when you meet a guy who boasts of his ability at such things as laser tag and Super Smash Bros, Brawl, you can crush him mercilessly.  Oh yes.

So, in short, this weekend was awesome, and sorry for the radio silence.  I have a feeling there are a LOT more posts in my future, seeing as the play being over has freed up nine hours of my week! 🙂

How was YOUR weekend?


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