WIAW: Spring Cleaning

Somehow, in all The Girl in the Orange’s seven months in existence as a mainly-food blog, I have yet to write up or publish a What I Ate Wednesday Post.

Now, this isn’t to say that I haven’t done a WIAW-style post, but I have never posted them on Wednesday or referred to them as WIAW, preferring to dub them ESSTs (every single stankin’ thang [I ate]), and I have never linked up to the lovely founder of the WIAW linkup party, Peas and Crayons.  Now I am righting this wrong on TGITO for the first time–can you believe, I used to have a food blog without a single WIAW post!!–and shall proceed with the actual content of this WIAW post. 😉

Over the past few weeks, with stress over scholarship exams, school plays, and a whole slew of other things, I’ve been having some sugar issues.  By sugar, I usually mean chocolate…but it has gotten really bad over the past few months, so much so that I’ve strayed away from my typical fix of choice, 72% chocolate, and have been turning to baked goods of all sorts, even my own private stash of Kit-Kat bars and white chocolate..!  The more stressed I get (not being able to run does not help with this issue), the more justification I seem to find in ingesting copious amounts of the sweet stuff.  The more sugar I eat, the more “buzz” I have, but not being able to run and thus having no outlet for this “buzz” only adds to my stress, so…I bet you can guess what happens next.  It’s a vicious cycle.

I let myself indulge for just a little longer at the play’s cast party last Saturday, but when I woke up on Sunday I declared that I was officially going off the crap again for as long as necessary.  Along with healthy eating habits, regular exercising habits had also been cast to the wayside as performance night drew increasingly nearer and the internet became increasingly more beckoning… I decided that this week I will make a VERY CONSCIOUS effort to eat whole foods, things that give my body nutrients and natural energy, and to exercise 6 days out of 7, doing my best to continue this process as my schedule starts getting hectic again.  I’m halfway through the week now, and I do declare I’m doing fine. 🙂


My go-to “clean” and whole-foods breakfast is a nice big warm bowl of plain oatmeal with flaxseeds and nut butter and maybe some fruit…but lately some…uncomfortable TMI things have been happening when I eat oatmeal!  I’m always starving for the rest of the day, too, so I’m pretty sure I’m not absorbing ANYTHING from oatmeal, calories, nutrients, or otherwise.  This is something of a world-shattering piece of horrendous news for me, seeing how much I adore the stuff..if you need any further convincing, see my oatmeal tips.  I am so dang deicated to porridge that I wrote up a whole post on the subject, convincing all you skeptics out there as to its undying glory!!

Okay, okay, oatmeal rant over.

In lieu of oats, I started my day out with a bowl of the oldie-but-goodie Post Grape Nuts cereal, topped with milk and chia seeds.


And peanut butter on a spoon.  Even if I can’t eat oatmeal, peanut butter is the quintessential breakfast food.  You guys have already seen peanut butter on a spoon, though; thus, the repeat pic.

DSCN0211Lunch packing was an epic affair, punctuated by an unexpected efflux of moulted cockatiel feathers from the front pouch of my lunch box (I think they were for an art project…), a discovered moldy tupperware container from weeks past, and sadly rotten avocadoes.  Somehow, I managed to throw together a decent meal, though.

For the “main course”, I stuffed a pita pocket with homemade baba ghannouj (THE MOST disgusting color–I’m sorry!!) and some salad mix, to, you know, camouflage the color add nutrients and fiber.

DSCN0793  This was accompanied by a reusable cloth “plastic baggie” filled with grapes, and some milk in a thermos.

DSCN0795 This girl loves her dairy.

I also threw in a stick of mint gum–baba ghannouj is garlicky stuff!–and, oh, it looks like some Trader Joe’s fair trade 72% chocolate snuck its way in there too. 😉  Hey, it’s chock-full of antioxidants and iron!  Low sugar!  It’s “clean” enough for me.

I packed an apple for an afternoon snack, and off I went!

All together now...note the veggies getting prepared for bird in the background.  Baha.

All together now…note the veggies getting prepared for bird in the background. Baha.

It turns out some, uh, interesting stuff happened today that unfortunately postponed the consumption of this delicious lunch until about 1 o’ clock, but that’s a story for another post.

After about an hour of concentrated homework-work, I felt like I needed a light snack before exercising, so I took yet another pita pocket (loves me some pita) and filled it with the awesomeness that is roasted tahini.


I took about another half-hour to digest and finish up History homework, and then I was at the mercy of Jillian Michaels for half an hour.  “Yoga Meltdown”.  Man…when she says “leave it all at the gym”, I think she’s referring to your stomach contents as well…

I chugged some Trader Joe’s kefir after exercising.  Straight out of the carton!  I guess it has a lot of protein and good bacteria.  I had the “plain” kind, which I enjoyed, but then again I do enjoy eating plain yogurt all on its own, which is exactly what it tastes like.  I dunno.

Mother Dearest was kind enough to whip up omelettes for dinner (the name sounds so deliciously fanciful), owing to my scratched cornea and splitting headache (oops, I guess I just kind of told you what happened today) and I always request mine no milk, no cheese, just lots of veggies. Yay for post-workout protein! 🙂

DSCN0818This was accompanied by a plain baked potato, which is not photogenic at all, thus its absence.  And, you know, I think some dark chocolate happened again as well. 😉

Last, but not least:

DSCN0817No, I did NOT drink a quadruple-strength mug of black tea at 7 PM on a school night!  This is for a history project in which I am “aging” paper (staining it with the tea until it looks…aged), which should be exciting.

Ah, happy hump day!  Here’s to a week of eating CLEAN and sweating DIRTY!!!

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