Le Diagnosis





Knees knees knees knees.  How much longer shall you plague me..?

Knees knees knees knees. How much longer shall you plague me..?

Are you ready?  Are you really ready for this?  All right, don’t all jump up at once; I’ll tell you.

I have inflamed cartilage under my kneecaps.


You know, I have no idea why it took FOUR FREAKING MONTHS of being shunted around from pediatrician to specialist to pediatrician to specialist to specialist to diagnose this, but, oh, no, I’m not bitter about it.  Not bitter at ALL.  Sure, yeah, I may have lost all faith in the modern medical system, but will you catch me griping about this particular wry misfortune?  No siree.  Not one little bit…

So, yeah.  Diagnosis.  A bit late in the coming, but…anyway.  This diagnosis is a huge weight taken off me in some ways, and a huge letdown in others, because, you see, it means I have to start a regimen of physical therapy and probably won’t be able to run for another three months at least…if ever.  That brings me close to tears every time I think about it…

On March 14, which is coincidentally Pi Day, I go in for my first physical therapy session, and I get some better braces for my knee, in lieu of my current brace Charles, the 20-buck, ordered-off-Amazon contraption.  In the meantime…rest and Advil.

Sometimes I feel like my life is becoming increasingly dominated by rest and Advil.

On a brighter note: pics from my day at the orthopedist!


Because I have to talk about the food–especially the strange-but-good variety–today started off with the singularly most disgusting-looking bowl of hot cereal I ever ate.  It definitely elicited the typical reactions from the family when I plunked it down at the breakfast table.  🙂 It was topped with two of the varieties of “Superfood” nut butters I won on Life Hands You Limes’ Artisana nut butter giveaway–Marine Phytoplankton nut butter (green) and Goji Berry Milk Thistle (peach).  The Marine Phytoplankton tasted oddly like a lemon poppyseed muffin, and the Goji Berry tasted exa-freaking-zactly like the strawberry filling of those processed Bagelfuls I enjoyed for breakfast as a wee young sprite!  Ah, nostalgia!

It was a children's orthopedist; I made a pretty magnetic tesselation.  This one's for you, geometry teacher.

It was a children’s orthopedist; I made a pretty magnetic tesselation. This one’s for you, geometry teacher.


Somehow in this crazy mix of a day I found a quiet moment to watch Fred the cat stare transfixed at the sink for five minutes while my inner environmentalist burned in shame.

Fred the cat deserves a longer explanation, but one that shall not be offered in this post.

At any rate, dogs will always hold a much more special place in my heart than their feline counterparts.  Need an explanation?  I arrived home, sore and dejected (though the  consolatory Trader Joe’s run did help–thanks Mother Dearest :)), and I was greeted with this face:

Stitch consolation

Can’t you just see the empathy in his eyes?

This dog understands me.

One thought on “Le Diagnosis

  1. I think the dog just wants to be taken out for a walk or wants more food. Fred the cat is adorable. Believe me, there are WORLDS of good cat photography out there, because they are VERY photogenic. Sorry about your knees.

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