Physical Therapy, Week 1

So hopefully I won’t start giving you a weekly play-by-play of the things I’m doing in physical therapy/diagnosis updates, because I know the vast majority of you could care less, but at any rate this makes me very excited.  You see, I had my first hour-long session with my physical therapist on Thursday and I have two more scheduled for the next two Thursdays!

As I’ve mentioned and bemoaned, my previous visits to orthopedists did not really bode well for me.  The first was of the opinion that I had some sort of rare autoimmune disorder (um, #fail), and the second speculated that, no, I probably wouldn’t be able to take distance running back up.  Ever. (waaaaahhhh…)  Now, the latter may very well be right, but I prefer listening to my therapist, who was of a much sunnier outlook.  According to her, my condition is considered “highly curable”, meaning that as long as I come to my regular therapy sessions and practice my exercises at home, I’ll be able to start an “introductory” running program back up again in 1-2 months!!

(Therapy does kind of make me feel like a little kid, and not in a good way–I mean, I have to practice walking.  Walking.  And I have to think about it as I do it–“heeltoe heeltoe heeltoe heeltoe”–and I have to practice spending an equal amount of time on each foot, and…yeah.  Kind of humiliating humbling.)

^I practice walking back and forth on a masking-taped line, no less. 🙂 :/

Right now, I’ve got a ~10 minute program of careful leg raises and quadricep-strengthening exercises, along with some walking exercises, that I do twice daily (in the hopes that stronger quadricep muscles will pull my kneecap into alignment–ugh, doesn’t that sound, um, painful??).  These are mind-numbing (and they make my booty sore), but I’ve been promised that we’ll soon graduate to some more “exciting” exercises (gulp) that will be easier to muster up the will to perform twice a day.  Really, though, I’m TOTALLY FINE with the leg raises–I am just THRILLED that we are actually DOING SOMETHING in terms of getting me back to running and off my sedentary-for-four-months bootay..I am SO READY to run again.  Running brought a wealth of invaluable things into my life, not just in terms of health and physique (though hello didn’t my calves look nice) but also in, well, SANITY–I suppose “mental organization” would be a more accurate term here.  I never ran with music–I just took that nice thirty minutes of running, that addicting hybrid of calm and exhaustion, to think over my life, compartmentalize the things that were bothering me, and, I guess, “find inner peace”. 🙂

Man, WHEN I get back to running–don’t ever let me take it for granted, anyone!


One thought on “Physical Therapy, Week 1

  1. Funny, I just said to myself the other day that I will NEVER take physical exercise for granted again after I EVENTUALLY make it through the recovery for my knee! I totally feel your pain (literally and figuratively) when it comes to the exercises…they have me lying down and lifting my leg up off the floor using only my quad…3 sets of 10 reps…and after EIGHT reps I’m already out of breath!

    Of course it’s fantastic to see that how much progress I’ve made in only a week…I mean, during my first therapy session, I couldn’t even straighten my leg, much less LIFT IT!

    Good luck with your sessions! I hope you continue to see progress and get back to running soon!

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