Marvelous In My Monday: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

I wasn’t actually planning on writing out a Marvelous in my Monday post today.  That right there is a huge proclamation, folks, since you know how Type-A I am…even something as seemingly spontaneous as a blog has to be planned and mapped out to the letter, folks.

But by some amazing stroke of fortune, my homework load totaled to LESS THAN 30 MINUTES today (this means I’ve gotta watch out for the rest of the week), and my weekend previous was so utterly MARVELOUS and life-impacting that there was no was I COULDN’T share it with you guys.  (Caps-lock-happy much?)  Not that I normally despise Mondays along with the rest of the human population–I’m of the extreme minority who welcomes the STRUCTURE and SOCIAL STIMULATION that the reintroduction of SCHOOL brings into my week–but I see absolutely no harm in sprinkling a little bit more MARVELOUS into today!


Firstly and foremostly, I must mention that I FINALLY figured out how to actually embed coded images in my posts!! ^  See above; voila.  You wouldn’t believe how hard that kind of thing is to find in the WordPress forums–they just assume you already know how to perform such *sniff sniff* basic technological feats.  I was too embarrasses to even ask anyone how to do this! 😛

Okay, so THAT wasn’t really my FOREMOST source of Marvelous today!

The question of the day is: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice!

Apparently, you just write a poem…

I found out earlier in the week…well, remember those poems I bragged about getting past the regional judging levels of a contest?  Well, those poems made it on to NATIONALS where they WON a gold medal at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (which was weird because I wasn’t too fond of those poems)–they’re going to be circulated through the Scholastic publishing system, and the awards ceremony is in CARNEGIE FREAKING HALL.  Gaaaaaccchhhgaaaaahgaaaaaacahagaasjaaaacsrgdhosdhfjlsfffffgggggggk!!!  I have never been to the East Coast (unless you count Florida), let alone a city bigger than Seattle, let alone THE BIGGEST FREAKING CITY IN THE UNITED STATES….gaaaaaaachgaaahagadjaldjhglohulojuhglifju.  I cannot even express in words how awesome this opportunity is–and pardon all the “freaking”s.  I promise my more literary works are of better quality than this here weblog. 🙂  I’m just kind of a little in shocked awe…

I boughts myself some pretty dresses...

I boughts myself some pretty dresses in anticipation…ignore the clutter on my desk chair! 🙂

Later on in the marvelous weekend, St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated with a (healthy) Shamrock Shake, Chocolate Covered Katie style.


Nope, it wasn’t photogenic in the least, so I didn’t even try for aesthetics, but you get the gist.  No food coloring for this girl!–spinach allowed the green to shine through au natural. 🙂

Not so Marvelous was the fact that this weekend my brother came down with a wicked “parainfluenza”, running temperatures of 103 degrees Fahrenheit…he can barely talk.  My throat’s been feeling tight as of late…I’m chugging Emergen-C and “immune boosting” tea like a beast (never mind that they’re both questionable sources of insurance) and washing hands 24/7.  If there’s one thing my forced exercise break has taught me, it’s that I hate being bedridden.  Ah, well…what will be, will be.

How did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  (Is it just me, or did holidays like that feel like a much bigger deal when we were all wee young sprites?) 😦

What was marvelous in your weekend, or Monday?

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