Snapshots from a South-of-the-Border Spring Break

Know what’s awesome?  Spending your spring break in total relaxation, not concerning yourself with homework or social life or appearance or friends or problems in general or cooking or grades or upcoming tests…instead lounging by the Atlantic Ocean with three good books.  And chocolate.


Just for the record, I have no idea what book is being advertised on the screen of my Kindle there and I possess no affiliation nor affinity towards it.

Know what’s NOT awesome?  Arriving back home again at midnight on a Saturday, leaving only the portion of the Sunday that you don’t sleep in through to do all the homework that you decided you weren’t going to do over vacation because it’s vacation.  GAAAAH.

But that’s what blog is for, right?  Reliving the glory days, thirty-six hours after they ended…and procrastinating that homework load even further…

Accch.  Cannot think about work just now.  Onto pictures.





DSCN1208DSCN1253Hooray for waterproof orange camera!









DSCN1329We went snorkeling in two of these cenotes, as well!  They were frigid, but in the most beautifully peaceful way.  No fish, just the smell of stolidity and your own thoughts swirling around the water with you.



Okay, so there actually were some catfish!

DSCN1339I have no idea what happened here, but I kinda like it.


At Playa del Carmen, there were several of these “fish spas”, which were exactly that–they were large tanks in which you payed to stick your bare feet.  Small brown and black fish proceeded to nibble on your toes, which, um, I suppose exfoliates the skin of your feet very nicely.

It tickles immensely.

DSCN1447We zip-lined on Thursday, complete with stylin’ orange gloves and helmets.  I did enjoy it, but I can’t say it was as thrilling as I’d hoped.  I love my roller coasters, and I thought it would be more like that…the lack of speed probably had something to do with my lack of size (I didn’t have as much momentum as the bigger peeps), and it was more like a scenic glide through the treetops than it was a thrilling zip-line.  And there were a heckuva lot of stairs to get to the top of each platform!  Nonetheless, it was pretty fun.

The first  of the platforms...

The first of the platforms…

All suited up and ready for action! ;P

All suited up and ready for action! ;P


DSCN1470New skin hue is all the fault of the zip line gloves! ;P  New blog=”The Girl with the Orange Hand”…



We also snorkeled with some sea toitles! 🙂  So graceful; I am convinced you canNOT mess up a photograph of a turtle.

And finally…


Do not lie to me and try to tell me this is NOT the most awesome henna tattoo in existence.

In conclusion:

Did I enjoy myself over the week spent in Xcaret, Mexico?  Immensely; it presented a plethora of new experiences, both culinary and non-, I got some beautiful pictures and a lot of rays of sun (boy, is the sun intense down there!  I walked around like a stiff, pink lobster for days…).  If I could have changed something, though, I would have had us stay somewhere that wasn’t such a resort–don’t get me wrong, our resort was relaxing and luxurious and I appreciated it, but it did feel really artificial.  I am excited for my trip to Costa Rica in June (thank you so much for the funds, all you generous familial contributors!!) because we will be staying in tucked-away, hidden spots, rather than huge tourist metropolises, so we get to see what life is actually like there instead of being so coddled all the time.

But I’m glad there was free dessert.  Stay tuned for an upcoming What I Ate Wednesday post, detailing my culinary journey over spring break! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Snapshots from a South-of-the-Border Spring Break

  1. Omg so many wonderful things!!! I’ve always wanted to try snorkeling and zip-lining (though I thought it would be more “zippy” too! Hmm!) LOVE that weird light picture…very artsy fartsy! And the fact that you said “toitles”…so cute! Oh and that leaf? Ha, I can’t tell you how many pics I have scatter through my computer of heart-shaped nature things! 😀

    So glad to hear you had a relaxing and fun-filled vacation…even if it DID mean coming home to a mountain of homework. I would have done the same thing…I’ve convinced myself that I work better under pressure in a way to justify my insane ability to procrastinate! Lol

    • Heart-shaped nature things are just impossible to resist, I declare. 🙂 They seem really special and rare, but I guess they crop up more often than we usually realize…I love that photography has taught me to pay so much more attention to the little, sweet details like that! 🙂
      I’m not sure why our teachers figured it would be logical to assign us extra homework over spring BREAK. I guess they just assumed that since there wouldn’t be school, we would have seven full days of free time which we would, you know, OBVIOUSLY otherwise spend dulling our intellect playing video games or something because “that’s what teenagers do”. They needed insurance to make sure we kept our wits about us, or something like that…ah, well. Such is private school. 😉

  2. Okay… I admit… I’m dead scared of water (not of showers or washing my hands, but anything more than a bathtub or wee puddle) but your photos make me wish I could go scuba diving. I can’t really imagine anything more traumatising for me, haha, but it looks beautiful. Zip-lining, however, I would totally do. As long as it’s not over water. >_> Looks like an amazing holiday!

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