Pics from the Weekend of 5 AM Cake

Be forewarned:  What follows is a post with no particular theme except the dates of 4/13/2013 and 4/14/2013, so if you hate random, wandering posts, this isn’t for you.  Also, the sporadicness is accompanied by some, gaspphone pictures of cruddy quality…but how else is one to take a picture of their own camera?


I figured, y’know, I’ve got a buttload of a to-do list waiting, what the heck, I’ll make myself pancakes.

It made more sense in my brain…


phone pics 1 151I was so grateful to Mother Dearest for providing me with a new mini tripod for my orange camera!  It certainly came in handy for video shooting this weekend…and it’s just awesome…because, you know, tripod.


phone pics 1 148

Ahaha the crux of the weekend!  Hit up a local running store and walked out with a new pair of Asics GT-2000‘s, plus a nice pair of cushy orthotics for knees/feet/leg/joint/arghhghdhgh issues!  So far the orthotics are MAGICFUL (I can stand like a normal person now–and they bump up my height by half a glorious inch! 😉 ) and the shoes fit like a dream…can’t wait till I can start actually running in them!  (Also, the color of the shoes is called “electric melon”! 😉 This just cracks me up…)


Yeah-heah for new kickage!  Check it.

Okay, okay, no.  I should never try to talk like the teens of today.


phone pics 1 142

Some peanut butter protein bars (#loveofmylife) and edamame hummus happened.  I was obsessed with the edamame hummus when I first tasted it, but now the Costco tub is almost gone and I don’t really want to look at it any more.



I happened to stumble upon the BEST retro sunglasses in the attic…I bet you thought I was above cheesy selfies.

I bet you were wrong.

Dramatic enough for ya yet? 😉 #yesthosearerealglasses

Their rein continues…

retro shades 003


retro shades 004



I was outside, feeling philosophical, and asked Stitch how he was feeling.  He plopped down and did this


so, although crap happens, I think we can be cautiously optimistic about our world situation here.








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