Hey-howdy-hey blogosphere dwellers!

Notice anything up yonder? ^^ Wink-wink…

That’s right!  Hopefully, in spite of what you typed into the address bar to come partake in my flax-golden-tale-spinning, you have been redirected to the NEW and IMPROVED   THEGIRLINTHEORANGE.COM!!  No more controlling “WordPress” butting its head into my domain name anymore…big, big moment, friends.  Let us rejoice!


Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…it’s freaking Spring.

Anyway.  IMMENSE apologies for the two-week bloggus hiatus.  I promise I didn’t drop off the face of the earth.  I promise it’s not anything personal.  More like it’s a combination of end-of-school-year stress, the wonderful void of procrastination that is the internet, and the fact that for the past few weeks pretty much all I’ve been doing outside of academia is holing up in The Shed with my laptop and writin’ stuff.  (Ah, yes.  It has been a culprit for unprecedented absences ever since the beginning of the blog.)

I’ve got a poetry slam coming up on Thursday.  Nothing big, but big for me.  Second ever.  For which I am pretty excited about and also uncharacteristically nervous.  It’s just…my poetry hasn’t been all that exceptional lately, and meh.

I’ve started up writing a new novel (which one probably shouldn’t do while still in the midst of writing a different one), which is going markedly better than my poetic attempts.

I’ve thrown myself into reckless literary abandon and I don’t foresee a near end to the madness.

I am in the midst of freaking out about the impending Carnegie Hall trip (which I try to bear in mind whenever I get doubtsy about abilities and such).  This includes shopping ruthlessly and excessively for the proper attire, compiling a secret Pinterest board of NY snapshots, and freaking out.  And freaking out.

Hopefully I will still have time to fangirl about food. 😉  This space should pick back up in terms of posting regularity once summer hits, and once my unexpected bout of creative urges has died down.  For now, wish me inspiration and productivity! 🙂

What say you?

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