To The Newcomers

(Am I allowed to post Shel Silverstein poetry on the internet if I give him credit?  I’m pretty sure it’s violating some sort of copyright law…regardless, what follows is pretty widely known, so I am going to play the naive-teenage-girl-just-reblogging-awesome-things-here card:)

If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer…
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!
— Invitation, by Shel Silverstein


So recently, I’ve just gained…so many more followers.  I really have no idea what happened here.  Maybe I posted something magic or something.  Anyway, it’s, like, the baby boom of followers.  0_o A lot of these people are people I actually know “irl”, which is kind of freaking me out–specifically adults that I know in real life; friends of parents, teachers, things of that nature.

I shouldn’t be freaked out, because I fully realize that by choosing to maintain a public blog in which I share a big portion of my life, I have made myself indexable, searchable, totally and completely public–I’ve built a whole internet persona for myself.  This has UNLIMITED benefits; I can connect with people all around the globe now, more people have heard of me and my little ramblings/writings, and I get a fantabulous almost-free creative outlet that I can choose to immerse myself in or neglect in favor of academic pursuits, whichever suits my fancy.  I wield the power of a globally-accessible writer, (occasionally photographer), editor, and publisher at once, all while seated in front of my laptop–I can broadcast my thoughts to the world with the entering of a password and a click of a mouse.  Andheckyeahthat’sawesome.  I totally want more people to partake in this.  So, welcome, people-who-actually-know-me-offline.  I’ve decided not to be creeped out by you. 😉

But I must introduce myself!  We’ve only just began our tender internet relationship here, you know; there are clarifications to be made, introductions to be hastily delivered, virtual handshakes and howdeedoto be extended.

About the Blog

Well, read my About page, if you haven’t already.  I explain and ramble a lot there.  In addition…

category cloud 5-17-2013

Just by checking out my category cloud, you can see that I ramble.  Probably a bit more than is optimal.  Most blogs have a set genre–travel blog, food blog, design blog, fashion blog, photography blog, bird blog, etc.

InfographicUm, yeah.

As you can surmise from “food”‘s largesse on my category cloud, and probably from reading my last post, I talk about that a lot here.  Man, does this girl love her some food.  Sometimes I take pretty pictures and sometimes I dabble in recipe developing, but mostly I’m just a food fangirl–Pinning and blogging and nomming on awesome stuff and gushing about it to everyone.  Oh, yeah, I’m a total teenage health nut too.  I love enjoy exercise and my current fitness goal is to increase my bufftitude, of which I have little.  On a daily basis, I down things like chia seeds, hemp protein powder, green smoothies, sweet potatoes swimming in almond butter, etc.  LOTS of veggies!  I also really like weirding out my friends at school by seeing just how repulsive-looking I can make my smoothies 😉

This is actually a kind of pretty one :)

This is actually a kind of pretty one 🙂

To see my philosophies on food and nutrition, click here!

In addition to food fangirl extraordinaire, I am an avid writer with big aspirations and some big successes already.  Over summer vacation, I really live out my dream because I can write, run, eat, and blog all day–I really hope my adult life can at least be similar to this. 😉  I write novels I was writing a novel that got much too long, so it’s on the backburner now while I try my hand at a different genre entirely.

My ultimate goal is to be a published novelist with a blog on the side…and then see how far I can go from there!  I don’t write for the purpose of maybe becoming famous, though; I write because I need to write.  I need literary abandon like oxygen, because if I don’t then I get the voices in my head (the good kind…the ones of angry characters urging you to bring them to life).  I write because it’s the only thing that’s been a lifelong passion for me, and because I hope I can, someday, touch people’s lives with words, give them a sense of belonging, or simply entertain them.  Other people’s works have done all that and more for me, and I really want to repay the favor to society.  Where would we be without creative writing?

My posts about writing are more sporadic, though I do foresee their increase in the future…I post about achievements, obviously, but occasionally I’ll embark on a little self-challenge or share a piece of work I’m proud of.  About a month ago I started a (supposedly) weekly writing segment which I not-so-creatively titled Poemography.  These posts are always prefaced by a shorter, descriptive post, and the Poemography segments themselves are hybrids of my writing and photography.  You can check out the archives here.

What else do you need to know?

Oh, yeah; photography!  I am not an artsy person in the SLIGHTEST, and because of the massive avalanche of work that is finals season currently, I’m not putting much effort into my photos as of late–but I’m a dabbler in the photographic realm as well.  Mainly food. 🙂  (Are you at all surprised here?)


DSCN0680Meet Citrus.

My best-ever non-human friend, my daily source of inspiration and absurdity, I’ve owned this cockatiel for three years now (celebrating each hatchday with a party dutifully, dontcha worry), and we’re both just getting better with age.  I don’t blog about him maybe as much as a good bird owner should, but that’s mainly because then we’d REALLY get into rambling, too-many-topics-on-this-blog territory–also, he prefers to maintain sheltered anonymity.  He’s into artistic mystique like that.  But he’s a big part of my life, I love him like an annoying child, he’s my profile pic on a lot of social media sites–I can’t fathom what my life would be like without him.  We’re a duo, yo.

So…that’s that.  Hope you enjoy your stay here at TGITO!


2 thoughts on “To The Newcomers

  1. I recently stumbled across your blog while perusing the internet, and was captivated by your engaging and witty writing style. I too love to write, and often feel as though I can express myself better through words than by talking to people. I am a fairly introverted person, and am definitely more of a “thinker” than a “talker.” Oh, and I absolutely LOVE Shel Silverstein’s poems; I read many of his books when I was younger, and never failed to be entertained by them. Admittedly, some of them were rather odd, but fascinating nevertheless. I started my own blog last summer, and generally write about ballet, food, vegetarianism, and the occasional social commentary rant. I love that picture of your bird, and I think it is awesome that the two of you are so close:) I enjoy eating strange food as well, and most of my green smoothies end up looking like mud or churned cement. But at least they taste good…Anyway, I look forward to reading your posts, and am glad that I discovered your lovely blog!!

    • Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it here!
      (Shel Silverstein is the essence of odd. So is life. That’s what I love about his work.) 🙂
      And green smoothies FTW!! They get especially…special…when you add a healthy dose of brown cocoa powder… 😉

      I went over and checked out your blog…just from the pictures on your About page it looks like you are an AMAZING dancer! This is stark contrast to me, who trips over her own feet going down stairs (I don’t even have an excuse for this, because I’m by no means tall and gangly or anything)…you have no idea how much I envy your grace! ;P I wish you luck on your cookbook-publishing dreams and ventures!

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