In my last post, I hinted at the fact that I wanted to start up a new weekly segment here on the blog…mainly, as my creative side begins to hesitantly spread its wings into the sunshine of Spring, I’ve been interested in seeing what all I can do by combining my two familiar art forms: poetry and photography.

I would love to create a really clever name for this segment…if you can think of something cool, please do share!  (Bonus points if it’s an awful pun!)  But right now, I guess the segment will be called poemography–I’m going to shoot for one of these posts every Monday (my entry for tomorrow is already complete, teehee).  They’re challenging and fun and exhilarating for me to work on, so hopefully you’ll enjoy them as well!

But, some of these poems are going to need some background info first, and I really don’t want the background info cluttering up the actual poemography post, so here’s the preface for tomorrow’s:

Someone I love is struggling right now, and I wrote this poem for them; but hopefully it will be rather universally applicable.  Some of it is true and some of it was inspired by true things.

(As always, some of the stuff I write can be found on my Figment channel.)  🙂


What say you?

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