To Cleo–Vlogs From New York

The video says it all.  Watch if you like; partake in the 2-minute window into my daily goofiness, fantastically cluttered bookshelf, vibrantly orange walls  and legendarily…conflicted…hair.  I plan to upload a new video for each “stage” of the trip.  Airports will be limned, airplanes will be lamented, bad puns will be made, orange dresses will be twirled in, food will be discussed.  You can hear Citrus climbing around in his cage in the background of this one.

I am so freaking excited.


7 thoughts on “To Cleo–Vlogs From New York

  1. Ooohh!!! Have fun in New York! I’m jealous!! Im excited for your vlogs, definitely looking forward to them!!
    By the way, you are so adorable and hilarious!! And talented! I sent my mom a link to the poem you wrote for your brother and she (a homeschool teacher) is seriously impressed -she has been sending your video to everyone saying “check out this girl! She is so talented!”, showing you off to all of her students (you, my friend, are now an example). Lets just say you are now her second favorite teenage blogger (i get first dips cuz she’s my mom lol).
    Have a blast!!

    • Wow–thank you so much!! And tell your mom as much, too! I feel really honored 🙂 “An example”…this is so prestigious! 🙂

      I’m running into a problem, though…because I’m only posting what I consider my “best work” on here…I write pretty much daily, but most of it ends up being crap 😉 And what with this new poem-a-week segment I’m doing, I’m hoping I can come up with something else good before I exhaust my stockpiles of older poetry! Ah, well…I’m just loving that everyone is so supportive with everything I’ve shared so far! I love the blogosphere! And the weekly writing thing keeps me accountable for producing more quality stuff, so it can only be good for me, right..?

      • Well hey, practice makes perfect right? And no writer gets it right every time, the point is that *you* like what you put out there. And you in person are pretty hilarious so I’m pretty sure your everyday isn’t that bad! I for one, very much enjoy your work 🙂

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in New York!! I have never been there, but would love to take a trip there someday…Still, I would never want to live there, at least not in New York City–big cities are NOT my thing. That vlog was awesome; I love your engaging voice and your sense of humor; it brought a smile to my day. I will have to check out your friend’s blog; I am a huge bookworm, and would enjoy reading her reviews. But I have only read one of Jane Austen’s books (Pride and Prejudice), and wasn’t a huge fan of it. I suppose I just won’t ever mention that:)

    • Yeah, I could only get barely halfway through Pride & Prejudice–though Cleo now regularly thrusts it under my nose with a scoff, it has not troubled our friendship otherwise. 🙂
      Thanks for the vlog feedback! It was hard…and weird…but I’d like to make more so I can get better 🙂

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