Sweet & SAWA

Note:  I wrote up a lot of posts while in New York that haven’t been published yet (though I’ve been back for almost a week), because travel and spotty wifi and leaving school and emotions and things.  I just needed some space to do some awesome stuff and digest it all–away from screens.  I missed poemography this week!  But now I’m back, you can witness my New York ramblings-from-the-past, and we all can have a blast! 😀

Howdy from New York, y’all!  (Is that how the locals talk here?) 😉 My internet connection in el hotel is rather spotty, so I’m composing this with Windows Live Writer (no internet needed)—it may not publish until tomorrow, when we have city wifi—and I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet!  (Okay, haha, we know how well THAT goes over with me, right?)

I’m going to focus on the actual ceremony on Friday night here and save the recaps of the actual travel days, as well as all the eats,  for a later post…I have more than enough to say already!

I originally Instagrammed the above with the caption “Sweaty, bedraggled, and jet-lagged…but having way too much fun with this”.  Because on Friday a gold(-plated) medal of epic proportions was bestowed upon me, my camera memory card is now absolutely crammed full of pictures of me biting into it.  You’re only supposed to do this once, to test for actual goldness…but something about the whole concept just tickles me so much!  I kinda fixated on it. =D

This is as close as me and my glorious non-athleticity will ever get to an Olympic medal, I figured–why not live it up?

new york 2 059

We managed to find an orange dress...a few days before we left :)

We managed to find an orange dress…a few days before we left 🙂

The “SAWA” in the title of this post stands for Scholastic Art and Writing Awards…I was pretty proud of myself for the pun. 😉

These awards took place at Carnegie Hall…

…Times Square advertised for it…

new york 050

…the Empire State Building glowed gold “to honor the gold medalists” (!)…

I didn't get a very good picture.  I'm sorry.  We were too close.

I didn’t get a very good picture. I’m sorry. We were too close.

…we saw the Statue of Liberty, which had absolutely nothing to do with it, but, you know, Statue of Liberty…

new york 2 055

…and there were some…interesting happenings.  Well, Cleo, I’ll let my vlog take over now. 🙂

(Note #2: our shower was broken.  The water was gushing constantly over the course of the video.  No one was taking a shower as I was filming.  I repeat, NO ONE WAS SHOWERING IN THE BACKGROUND.  Also, this is all one haphazardly-edited take, since I didn’t have time for anything else.  Also, since I am still figuring out the YouTubes, the thumbnail/resolution may or may not be humiliating.  Watch at your own risk.

Also, my hair is wet and problematic.  Get over it.)

6 thoughts on “Sweet & SAWA

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the ceremony; congratulations on your award!! And I absolutely cannot BELIEVE they chose Usher as the guest speaker!! What were they thinking?? Out of ALL the people they could have chose, they picked him?? OK, rant over now. I don’t have anything against him personally, though I totally agree that his songs are not the greatest, but I don’t see what he has to do with arts and writing…Maybe, as you said, they were trying to impress the hyperventilating “fangirls” who were doubtless somewhere in the audience. But still, why him? Ah well, life goes on. And the faint sound of water running in the background just reminded me of the shower scene in Psycho. That was a good movie. Anyway, I loved your vlog, as always!!

    • WHAT’S THIS YOU SAY??!! PSYCHO WAS A GOOD MOVIE?? Gaah that scared the $#@! out of me for WEEKS…I couldn’t shower for MONTHS (not with the curtain closed, at any rate)…this may have something to do with the fact that I inadvertently watched it in 3rd grade, but still. 🙂 I HATE horror movies–overactive imagination and all. I suppose…there is something to be said for the concept and plotline..,.
      Yes…anyway I am glad you side with me on the Usher issue. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!!! It sounds like you had a great time, even if it was Usher. Really, of all people. Ah well, c’est la vie!
    And, commenting on your overactive imagination reply up there, I have the same problem. I watched ET and part Mars Attacks (I think…) when I was like in 1st grade and for the longest time I was convinced ET would pop out of my toilet when I opened the lid. I had to open it, run out of the bathroom for safety, and creep back in to check before I could be at peace. Haha!

    • I am glad someone else’s childhood was also fraught with horror-movie-induced trauma. 😉 Makes me feel better about STILL running away from the television while watching The Hunger Games, in that quiet moment before the muttations are going to pop out…*shudders*

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