(oh, wow, look!  such an intriguing title! :P)

Remember how I alluded to the fact that things gon’ be changin’ around these parts?  (“These parts” being my life and the way I manage it…)

This is gonna happen now, folks.  Forrealzies.

I’ve made a lot of promises in the past and entertained myself with visions of productive grandeur–every time, the things, whatever they were that I pledged myself to, had a habit of…not getting done.  Oh yes, I would set goals, write out lists, lay out my workout gear and my fountain pen and my planner and whatever crap I thought would rocket me to success…then I would log into Bloglovin’ or WordPress or Pinterest and it was game over.

What can I say?  I’m easily distracted.  (I’m choosing to believe it’s a sign of brilliance.)  I can hardly ever clean my room, because I get so engrossed in the objects I’m picking up off my floor that I forget the task at hand entirely.  I get distracted by my own feet.  Clearly, my brain is no match for the multiple-tab-wielding, infinite-destination vortex of my internet browser.


Oh, but this sounds like a “Goodbye, internet” post!  I promise you that this is not the case!  (I don’t think I could manage that anyhow…)  More of a warning/notification of sorts…of impending changes around these parts.

I am DOING STUFF this month, and next.  I intend to put the rest of my summer vacation to very good use.

So I’ve compiled a “Daily To-Do List” for the rest of the summer, which reads thusly:

  • 1 chapter TLOTR

Yes, this is something of seemingly no importance in an odd position of priority on my list.  For some reason, though, I’ve devoted myself entirely to the task of mowing through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy over the summer (mainly because I feel like it’s something I should have read by now), and if I ration it out this way, it ends up being just over 60 days’ worth of reading.

  • 1667 words or 1 hour revision in Thaw (at minimum)

Camp NaNoWriMo is here today! =D  I’m all stocked up with Scrivener, and a writing nook–I’ve gussied up The Shed for maximum comfort and reclusivity as I bang away on the keyboard–an inspiration jar, and coffee.


productivity palace

No one ever hire me as a graphic designer.

Technically it's a button jar.  But I like to scatter them on the ping-pong table and pick out buttons to suit different characters' personalities.

Technically it’s a button jar. But I like to scatter them on the ping-pong table and pick out buttons to suit different characters’ personalities…


Frog Slippers & Connect4--also necessities

Frog Slippers & Connect4–also necessities

  • 1 hr exercise (save 1 weekly rest/active recovery day)

Workouts have fallen to the wayside over the past month or so, due to knees and an odd bout of travel (three trips in a month…)–but, over the summer, there is no excuse not to cram in this USDA-recommended amount!  (Why does the Department of Agriculture tell me how much I should work out?)  I’ve started compiling a Summer Shapeup Pinterest board, I’m somewhat-participating in the Fitnessista Summer Shapeup 4-Week Plan (which I can repeat for a 2-month circuit) and am dabbling elsewhere in the blogosphere for similar plans.  While I know I’m mainly going to be forming my own routine, one that works for me, I think these plans will be good guidelines for the eventual regimen, even if I don’t follow them verbatum.

  • Physical Therapy

Boo.  I wish my knee problems could just vanish.  7 months is a long time.  But nothing is going to happen unless I keep doing those leg lifts…

(ugch–Instagrammed this picture way back in March.  Still toin’ that line…)

  • Cooking/Recipe Experimenting

A new challenge I’m embarking on this month is called Feed the Parents.  😉  Sort of like a Meatless Monday, in effect (except it’s going to be happening on Tuesdays…)–on a suggestion from Mother Dearest and in an effort to rationalize vegetarian eating in the parental minds, I’m going to start cooking a family dinner once a week.  (Usually I’m the only one who will even go ten miles near my food…)  This is probably an opportunity to ramp up my cooking skills, too!  (I’ll eat anything :), but when cooking for others one must be more discerning)  Still, if anyone has any family- and Standard-American-Diet-friendly vegetarian recipes they’d like to recommend, I’m all ears!

I’ll probably chronicle this thing on the blog as well, taking note of successes and flops.  🙂

  • Blogging!

You will notice that I do not, currently, blog every day. *pauses for effect*

This is mainly because my blog has never really been one of those “log blogs” that goes like “Oh, hey guys, I woke up this morning so that’s a plus! and then I ate this for breakfast and then I went and exercised and then we went to this movie and then for dinner we had this and I made this dessert…”  I have nothing against those types of blogs, it’s just not hasn’t been my thing.  You know me.  I post when I have something to say, something to share, something to recap, a linkup to join, a challenge to embark upon.  My daily life is tucked neat and tidily behind the curtain.

But with all this stuff I’m going to be doing for the remainder of the summer…

I need someone to keep me accountable, right?

*wink**wink* Well, who better to do this than all of my loyal followers?  (All 56 of you…) At least over the next month, I was thinking bumping up the posting rate to a daily post–undoubtedly they’d become much less lengthy than my current standard, and nothing earth-shattering would be discussed; but, just a log of the accomplishments of the day, as a way to keep myself on track.  What do you guys think of this idea?  TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS; I LOVE HEARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL VIRTUAL VOICES 😀

I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday…

(And congratulations to Katie, the host of this loverly partay, on her new baby boy!) 🙂

I am, ‘cuz I’m pumped to get…SHIN done. ;P


8 thoughts on “July

  1. What I’m planning to do this summer: read a lot, start writing again, practice my instruments, work on my Spanish and Chinese, and exercise.

  2. My family if SAD eaters have now made the three hour trip up to my new place multiple times, for cooking/eating lessons multiple times (Don’t worry, I think it’s hilarious too- eat like your anorexic daughter 101). They have pretty much demolished everything I’ve offered. I don’t use fake meats and I never try to recreate old favorites, so they can’t compare my food to the “real” thing. I try to pick dishes with simple ingredients and familiar seasoning combinations- Mexican, Italian, Cajun. I also talk them through the meal as I’m cooking, “why, yes I did just put avocado in the pancake batter. Our pancakes will naturally come out the most delightful shade of leprechaun green, without all those scary chemicals!!! Plus! Avocado is like nature’s butter! You won’t even have to top these pancakes because the avocado with make them so rich and creamy! Hey, check it out, they’re ready, who wants the first one?” See what I did? I gave a heads up on the color, reminded them that they also eat foods that are green from far more toxic sources, and I established in their minds a positive flavor expectation then fed them immediately so they couldn’t start thinking things like “OMG. Ew. I can’t believe I’m trying this hippie chow. It will probably taste like tree bark.”

    Good luck with all of your summer endeavors I’m excited to see how everything goes!

    • Haha, I see you have a very precise psychological strategy for all of this. (Avocado pancakes? I’m intrigued! I’ve done just about everything else–coconut, cauliflower, pumpkin, beet, etc., but never avocado! Do you have a recipe you could share?) I can just picture you saying “without all those scary chemicals” with a creepy voice and manic expression; moreover, I can picture myself doing that as well.
      I’m mostly sticking with relatively “safe” foods, at least initially–pastas, bean tacos, etc. Then we can work our way up to–maybe–eventually–things like chia, or TVP! Hopefully. Maybe. We’ll see how it goes.

        • TVP is textured vegetable protein, which is something of a meat replacement product made out of soy that I understand to be less processed than most (I think it’s just like defatted soy flour in granules or something)–it is incredibly like ground beef when cooked and with the right seasonings, doesn’t really taste like anything otherwise (much like tofu) 🙂 I made a mole with it this week! Thanks for the pancake recipe!

  3. “SEEMINGLY NO IMPORTANCE”!? “ODD POSITION OF PRIORITY”!? As you might guess, I have a few things to say on this point. I think it is a very rational position of priority. I could list the reasons, but I’m guessing that those who read you blg don’t really care. At least you are reading it. You should also read the Silmarillion.

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