(oh look, here I go again with the uber-creative titles!  Next one will be witty, I…er, promise…)

So here I am with that thing I said I was going to do that now I kind of have to do because I told the internet about it.  Funny how that works out.


So yesterday I started off, perhaps slightly ambitiously, on this new thing by heading straight for the kale.  At least I stuck with traditional, refined pasta and swapped out good ol’ familiar steamed green beans for asparagus (I can’t even stomach the stuff–I know there are plenty of spear-savorers out there but I can’t get myself on board!)  And Mother Dearest likes tomatoes–I do, after something has been done to them (roasting, saucifying, drying, etc.)  Fun fact:  I cannot stand raw tomatoes!  Apparently, however, I (against my own free will) ingested about a pint of them per day in utero…I probably overdosed as a fetus, hence my aversion to those salty sweet fruit impersonators to this day.

DSCN2994 DSCN2997

Such a glamorous pic, right?  Complete with the coffee-stained counter and ever-faithful geriatric Magic Bullet…he’s like a friend to me.  I love him so.


I vant to suck your blood… *hisses*

There’s something so wonderfully ironic about fanged vampire garlic that a pic had to be posted.  Would it ward itself off?  

Oh, look how purty!DSCN3005 DSCN3009

And here’s my failed attempt at a setup, thrown together in the midst of a gnawing-my-own-arm-off-so-let’s-shoot-the-dang-thing-quickly mania.  Look, there’s a prop!–a dessicated lemon!–so it counts.  Oh, dear, can we make that a hashtag?  #gnawingmyownarmoffsoletsshootthedangthingquickly

It’s even funnier more disturbing if you take it out of food photography context.


Gettin’ all up in mah food’s business…

Happily, you don’t need a prop to get a nice close-up texture shot!  I felt all fancy-like and used the good dishes, and topped each serving with some sliced almonds and fresh-grated parmesan.

This actually went over pretty well, despite the (shhh, hidden) kale:  Mother Dearest approved, Daddio made a rather funny face and said “You got carried away with one of the herbs in this…fennel or oregano or something,” which was hilarious because there are absolutely NO herbs in this dish, save the garlic, if that counts.  😀 (But he did proceed to eat the whole bowl!) It was very lemony, though, and I think perhaps the EVOO flavor shone through a bit much.  At any rate, found it delicious, and am appreciating leftovers cold as lunches now.

So, overall, chalk up this Meatless Tuesday as a success!  I think the pasta and parmesan helped 🙂  Slowly but surely, we can work our way up to TVP…tofu…hemp seeds…Mwoohahahahahaha. 😉


4 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. ooh, ooh so glad you liked it! the best part about the dish is you can add / subtract flavors if you want. i happen to love lemon, but definitely ease up on the zest if you like your citrus less zingy. and yayyyy to the parents liking it!

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