Confessions of a Teenaged Something-or-Other

(alternately titled ‘Let Me Unload All My Angst Upon You in a Translucent [semi-transparent] Blog Post!’…)

These “Confession”-style posts are immensely popular in the blogosphere, and for good reason; while we like seeing bloggers at their best and encouraging them in their successes and triumphs, there’s also something oh-so-darkly satisfying about seeing them at their worst, revealing all their human vulnerabilities to the internet in list form.  While they aren’t necessarily a trending post topic right now, I still thought I’d whip one up for you guys, since I’m all about keepin’ it real here on TGITO.

#1.  I haven’t been blogging every day since I said I was going to.  Hey, maybe you already noticed this!  I was taking a few much-needed mental health days: reading, focusing (and procrastinating) on my writing, and hanging out with this lovely chickie (LOOKY LOOKY SHE MADE A WORDPRESS BLOG FOLLOW IT Y’ALL ‘TIS GON’ BE EPIC), and just generally doing stuff away from screens.  Alas, this might continue for a bit as my writing endeavors suck most of the worthwhile words from my brain and leaving me, if I post at all, posting crap.  I so much thank you for your understanding in this matter.

#2.  I am overweight.  Somehow, over the course of my shinny knees, all the internet-induced sitting about, and the wonders of puberty (and gaining some muscle!), 20 pounds have happened in the last seven months.  I feel like there’s SUCH a stigma about this kind of thing in the healthy-living blogosphere, even as we preach body acceptance and love (“As long as you’re healthy,” we say, “your body is beautiful!”)  What if I’m not at my ideal healthy weight, blogosphere?  Huh?  What if this isn’t some muscle-is-denser-than-fat thing and I actually have above-optimal fat levels in my body?  Does this unnerve you?  Unsettle you?  Will you be okay with this?  Will you still treat me as a person in possession of a brilliant brain and opinions and thoughts that deserve respect?  I was going to write up a whole post on this topic and how we bloggers inadvertently practice body-shaming ourselves, but #3. I’m not going to.

#4.  Sometimes I read hypointelligent teenage girl magazines.



At least you can tell I don’t buy them regularly.  This one’s dated August 2012.

#5. I ran in my underwear today.  (Yes, on the treadmill in the garage, don’t worry.)  My main reason for this was that I was fully attired when I started running, but it was really stinkin’ hot and, the way I saw it, I had no choice in the matter.  Polka-dotted underwear and an orange-and-yellow striped sports bra.  It was oddly liberating.  My little bro came in to grab a carton of chocolate milk and didn’t even notice.  Makes me wonder…

#6.  I am actually really excited for school to start back up!!


Okay, this wasn’t really a secret/confession.  I exert no effort to keep my true nerdiness from you guys.

This is my attempt at a prudish* nerd face.  Notice the upside-down book.

This is my attempt at a prudish* nerd face. Notice the upside-down book.


I like learning things, and I need something to get the silence out of my head.  You guys know I think too much, and it gets to me over the summer months, when all that scary variability of not having a set schedule and forced social interaction comes into play.  *whimpery voice* I’m lonely, you guys.  I’m usually okay, until about 7 PM, and then it’s all darkness and quietness and eating way too much chocolate in a vain effort to compensate for drops in endorphin levels…

Ehh.  I have problems, just like everybody else.  I deal with them.  I’m actually kind of sorry for this post; I try to keep things positive here.  But I needed to vent.  You guys would have noticed something was up anyway, if I tried to continue on in my usual cheery manner.

*The fact that I used the word “prudish” pretty much clinches my title as a nerd, right?

I so much thank you (if you made it this far) for listening to me!


On a more frivolous note–I know I said I was for-sure growing out The Beast again, but I’m thinking of returning to the pixie before the school year starts again.  You may or may not have noticed, but with its new length and freedom, the Beast has started to get some ideas.  And, to be honest, the real reason I wanted to grow my hair out was so I could change up the style from time to time, but that really ain’t gonna happen no matter what length it’s at.  Sometimes I overestimate my own investment in my femininity.

HAIR!! 005

Yay or nay?  I’m thinking yay.


7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Teenaged Something-or-Other

  1. #5 cracked me up!!! I grew up around a lot of Europeans, and when we went surfing, we’d paddle out, then take our bikini tops off, tuck them into our bottoms, and surf topless.

    Have you cooked any more for your family?

    • I did! This Tuesday I cooked Life Hands You Limes’ Green Enchilasagna (, which received a thumbs-up from Mother Dearest and a begrudging “Hmmm…” from Daddio (I think it was the spinach that turned him off). Still haven’t found that WOW recipe but am ever in search! Next time I think I’ll try some “sophisticated” sandwiches. But Mother Dearest and I have been baking together for all the upcoming parties and such, and that’s been going well (though with cookies and muffins and cake, how could it not?)!

    • Really? That makes one person that likes my hair. My mom keeps dropping subtle hints about how awful it looks… I like the way the pixie sort of accentuates my eyes, but it’s also kind of fun to have the curl of the slightly longer hairstyle.
      I’m glad that they didn’t really seem deep and dark. I tried to lighten them up. I don’t read teenage girl magazines OFTEN…a lot of the fashion advice and stuff is really stupid, anyway. Like, spray all your hair up into a giant pouf that sticks out from your head 8 inches to get people to notice you! Put down that straightening iron, and rock your curl! (Who bothers with straightening anyway?) And the jeans ‘for your body’…yeah, right. Like they’re going to find jeans that fit me. In the teenage denim world, you’re either super-skinny or plus size or else you’re an aberration that doesn’t deserve jeans.
      And the romantic advice…ha, ha, ha. ‘Remember that, no matter how intimidating they may be, guys are people too…but you want a guy that respects you for who you are…” NO KIDDING??!

  2. First of all, I don’t think there is anything wrong with not being at an “ideal” weight or having the “ideal” amount of body fat. How do we know what “ideal” is anyway?? Sure, we have the BMI measurement, but that can be quite deceptive. And yes, there are some people who clearly either have FAR too much body fat, or are extremely underweight, but those people are often the exception, not the norm. So what if you are on the high end of the BMI scale? So what if you might not have “normal” body fat levels? As long as YOU feel healthy, and aren’t dealing with any weight/fat related diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc…), then don’t stress about it:) And I would NEVER judge people entirely by their body–it’s their attitude, thoughts, and actions that are far more important. Personally, I have always (usually) despised those teen girl magazines, but I am sure there are at least some decent articles in them, occasionally…It is mostly the emphasis on fashion, beauty products, romance, and sex that irks me. And I am excited about my college classes starting up again, so I guess you might consider me a “nerd” as well–even though I hate labeling people like that. Oh, and that story about you running in your underwear was quite entertaining, though at first I thought you had actually run that way outside on the street. That’s what I get for not reading carefully:) But like you said, if it is hot, why bother with so much clothing??

    • I agree with you about the teen girl magazines, really…there aren’t really any decent articles in them, occasionally or ever. It’s just kind of fun sometimes to disappear into a fluffy cloud of frivolity and actually feel feminine, which I don’t do very often.
      I hate the emphasis on sex. I’ve actually (somewhat) scripted a vlog on this very topic, about how society treats sex as the end-all and tries to force our lives to revolve around it…but I digress.
      I think you have a much better idea of what body love and acceptance means than most people. If I was wearing a hat, it would be off to you.

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