Healthy Eating on the Road

Howdy y’all.  Happy August!  Today has been the first part of an epic 16-hour drive journey to return, temporarily, to what I consider my home state: Wyoming!  I’m going to try to keep this post pretty short & sweet compared to my usual stuff—in fact, most of my posts over the next week will be pretty short and sweet. We’re staying at our awesome summer home in the Bighorn Mountains, and I want to be out experiencing it—the nature, the views, the horseback riding, the whittling, the hiking (with one of my friends who’s coming to stay with us)–for the most part, not behind a screen (not to mention the spotty mountain internet connection). Winking smile  Right now we’re “hotelling it” in Butte, Montana, and gearing up for another 6 hours of driving tomorrow.  We woke up at 4:30 this morning and on the car ride here I’ve napped the day away!  (This is really something to tout, as I’ve NEVER been able to sleep in the car/in a plane before, no matter how high exhaustion levels were—I’m very grateful for my trip to Costa Rica for teaching me to be able to nap anytime and anywhere, out of pure necessity!) Smile 

Sleeping’s not all I’ve been doing, though; a gal’s (especially THIS gal) gotta eat!  One thing I really don’t like about road trips is that the food choices tend to be really nutritionally sparse—sugary granola bars, candies, energy drinks to keep awake, fast food stops, etc.  If you’re making an increasing-altitude trip (hello pal), you’re probably losing fluids and need to drink more than usual to avoid becoming dehydrated.  Coupled with the fact that you’re literally barely moving all day, and you’re probably stopping at a bunch of public toilets with soap dispensers that may or may not work, it’s definitely not your body’s idea of a joyride.  Fortunately, though there’s not much you can do about the eternal sitting part, most of these health disasters can be really simply avoided (or circumvented) with a little bit of extra planning!


I planned out a cooler for the trip a few days ago, and we picked up everything necessary to compile it at the grocery store.  Last night I whipped up a batch of white bean hummus (recipe courtesy Nava Atlas’ The Vegetarian Family Cookbook) and tucked it into tupperware containers, as well as setting apart some fresh fruits and scooping raisins, almonds, and an odds n’ ends cereal mix into a reusable baggie.  This morning we stuffed two coolers with all pictured here–


string cheeses, bananas, apples, snack bag of aforementioned mix, carrots, tortillas (for use with humus—either as a snack or combined with the carrots for a light meal), snap peas, and some ice packs.  I also packed three full bottles of water just for myself because I knew I wouldn’t want any of the soft drinks we would pick up at gas stations.  I haven’t been thirsty (imagine that!), have avoided most of the road-tripping headache, and, well…it’s a good thing my bladder is rather strong-willed. Winking smile  For the inevitable rest stops, we also have a full container of hand sanitizer for use before digging into the finger foods. Smile


(Peeve has become a rest-stop superstar, complete with her own adoring fan base that flocks to her at every stop!  We’ve had at least three little gaggles of little girls come rushing up to us asking “Excuse me, can we pet your dogs??”  Rest-stop kiddos are so polite!  And Peeve’s certainly loving the attention.)

Any other tips for not letting a road trip derail healthy habits?  I’m a firm believer that vacation is definitely a time for relaxing and being really lenient with yourself, but, hey, if it’s this easy to keep yourself away from the Mickey D’s, why not?

Where are you traveling to/have traveled this summer?  Consider this a tag, if you like, and give me the link to a post with pictures.  Smile  I love looking at travel pictures—reminds me there’s a whole lot more to the world than my little corner!


What say you?

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